Affiliate Registration

Steps for becoming an affiliate:

  1. Read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions (link in form below)
  2. Fill out the Registration Form and click the “Register” button.
  3. You will receive an email saying: "We’ve received your affiliate registration request. Our team will review it shortly and we’ll get back to you with details."
  4. You will receive an email (up to 5 days) to let you know if you’ve been approved or not. If not, you will receive an email stating a reason for the rejection. If approved, you will receive an email saying “Affiliate Account Approved” with some details, your ID number and a link to login to your account. (Save your Login details entered above)
  5. This link/page is where your Affiliate Account Dashboard is located: where you can keep track of your Commissions, Visits (click throughs from your referral URL), any Creatives (promotional materials) that are available to use, Payouts and Settings. and where you can find, copy and use “Your Affiliate Link” / referral URL to share with your audience to earn commissions.
  6. See our Affiliate Terms and Conditions for more information i.e.: How to receive Payouts and other terms and conditions governing our Affiliate Accounts.
  7. Email Us if you have any questions of concerns.
  8. Bookmark your Affiliate Account page to access/login to your account.

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