We can’t succeed without your support. Our lawsuit is aimed directly at the Leadership of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the MONOPOLISTS that own them. They have $Trillions at their disposal! But we have over 200 million adults in the USA and 5 billion+ throughout the world. We are the many and they are the few. They are no match for over 5 billion of us! When We the People unite to hold a Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C) we can succeed in prosecuting them, removing their fraudulent Corporation that’s masquerading as our government and we can restore our Constitutional Government. We can take back the $500 Trillion+ that they’ve stolen from us. There is nothing they can do to stop us if we are united. Your support along with millions more will ensure that we will be successful.

What will you receive as a donor to this cause of Liberty?

The following is an excerpt from our Complaint/Lawsuit:


Donors/Incentive: Donors throughout the world incentivized to donate to and fund this movement and Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C). Value to them upon the success and settlement of the Lawsuit, CC&C = 100 times the amount of their donation. (200 million people x $100k av/pay out).

You may be wondering “how are we going to pay people 100 times the amount of their donation?” Answer: after we receive enough US Citizen’s signatures on the “Declaration of Restoration,” we will hold a Constitutional Convention & Court, and this is where We the People will eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank) and all of its assets, along with the assets of all of the Defendants found guilty in our Lawsuit ($500 Trillion+) will be transferred to a Citizen owned Central Bank! Upon our successful completion and the ratification of all that we accomplish at the CC&C, our new Citizen owned Central Bank will pay the people the amount as listed above.


Amount Range

$10.00 – $3,500.00

Please Select


Donate Here to Friends of the Original Constitution. Click the “Select Amount” Drop Down to select the amount you want to donate. Any amount you donate will give you instant access to download a pdf copy of both our books. Upon the success of our CC&C, the amount of 100 times your donation(s) will be allocated back to you.


Update 2/23/2023 We the People can no longer wait until after we hold the CC&C to create a new Central Bank – FOTOC is building this Central Bank (FOTOC Bank) now! FOTOC therefore reserves the right to substitute We the People’s new Constitutional Central Bank currency  (Constitutional Coins) for FEDERAL RESERVE $ (Dollars) in all cases as listed throughout this website, complaint/lawsuit, books, etc. Where money is concerned – consider $ (Dollars) as a reference to “the equivalent of $ (Dollars)” meaning it will be by way of Constitutional Central Bank currency   (CC’s) instead of $ (Dollars).

Instant Bonus for your Donation

A minimum donation ($10) will give you instant access to download a copy of the following two books, which contain the detailed plan to regain what the MONOPOLISTS have stolen from us including our money, our liberty, our health and our Constitutional Government.