God gave us our liberty, thieves have stolen it; they are a CORPORATION masquerading as our GOVT enabled by their counterfeit monetary system. The time is now for us to take back our money, our health, our liberty and our freedom, and to restore our Constitution and our Constitutional Government.

<– In this video, learn how you can help us complete the New Central Bank to empower us to accomplish this huge restoration. Learn how you – as one its owners can have your debts forgiven; your money restored, and receive 10,000 just for opening an account.

Join our $500 Trillion Lawsuit against the FEDERAL GOVT & over 140 MONOPOLISTS via our Constitutional Convention & Court!

Watch this 17 minute video to learn how We the People can get back what they’ve stolen from us and put an end to tyranny.

Learn how you, as a Citizen of the USA, can authorize a Constitutional Convention & Court to re-found our Government and base it on the Constitution. Now & Forever.

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