April 22nd 2024 Update

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Our emails are NOT reaching most of you. Only a small fraction of them are getting into your inboxes – because the CORPORATION masquerading as a GOVT controls most of the communication systems in the world.

They’re trying to stop us from communicating with you, trying to defund us and trying to stop We the People’s Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C). They know we’re trying to remove them and restore what they’ve stolen from us: Our Constitutional Government, our money, our health, our freedom and our Liberty.  

Two of the primary ways which governments throughout history are able to control the people in their “kingdoms” is to control their money (their ability to buy and sell) and control their communications.

Two of the primary systems that Friends of the Original Constitution (FOTOC) is trying to complete are We the People’s New Central Bank and a Quantum communications system.

These will empower us to accomplish our mission and STOP them from cancelling – all of us – and our ability to buy and sell and communicate. It will give us the freedom to thrive completely outside of their tyrannical “kingdom” and systems.  

The following is an update on the progress of this movement and will answer the top three FAQ’S we receive: “what’s happening with our $500 Trillion Lawsuit? Where is it filed? When are we going to hold the Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C) to prosecute these criminals?”

Answers and update:

You will not find this lawsuit FILED anywhere in “that” CORPORATION which is masquerading as a GOVT.

The FEDERAL GOVT is a FOREIGN CORPORATION intentionally created to fraudulently bypass the

Constitutional Government established by our Founding Fathers.

The only way to prosecute an unlawful government (in our case: a CORPORATION masquerading as a GOVT) is with a lawful government – and completely outside of their false COURTS. We the People, by our signatures on the Declaration of Restoration, authorize FOTOC as the interim Constitutional Government; to hold a lawful Court at our Constitutional Convention and to prosecute these masqueraders.

Obstacles and timing:

After launching our first video, thousands of you gave to Friends of the Original Constitution. Soon after, we were targeted by the CORPORATION masquerading as a GOVT and their fellow thieves.

Two banks cancelled our bank accounts and credit cards. Two credit card processing companies (PayPal and Elavon) held hundreds of thousands of dollars —– your donations —– for nearly 6 months.

YouTube shut us down – then put us back up – then shadow banned us, throttled us down and cut off our account access. The original channel is still there – but we don’t have access to it. We’ve had to start from scratch with a new channel, but we’re being shadow banned and we’re pretty much buried.

We had nearly 400K views on Brighteon – and nearly 100K signed the Declaration of Restoration as a result. Then one day – Brighteon shut off the faucet – and our video is now buried and difficult to find.

Two FBI agents showed up at my home and asked me questions. They implied that I need to be “careful” about what I do and say!

When our donations dried up – I had to let all of our staff go – and we have been running on fumes ever since. In order to keep going, I’ve borrowed to our limit and even used all of the inheritance money I received – when my Mom passed away last year.

I’ve spent over $180K of my own money to fund this movement and to keep it alive for the last 13 months. And now I’ve come to a crossroads. I’ve run out of money. I cannot continue to keep this movement alive and fund the completion of these systems without either getting a job or selling my home.

I need your help to cross the finish line – to have enough funds to see this through – to complete the building of our New Central Bank, the Quantum communications system and hold the CC&C.

Help us eliminate the following from all of our lives:

–  The IRS, INCOME TAXES and having our bank accounts frozen or cancelled.

–  The coming AI FEDNOW monetary system which will completely control our ability to earn a living and how, where and when we are allowed buy and sell.

  15-minute cities, DEI, the W.H.O., N.W.O. and all GLOBALISTS with their tyrannical ONE WORLD GOVT Marxist agenda.

–  Control of our ability to whom we can communicate; what we say, what we can look up on the Internet and what we can post or say on social media and other communications platforms.

I’m asking you today – to please support us with a minimum donation of $25. If enough of you respond and support us – we will get to the finish line.

Your donation will be multiplied 100 times in the New Central Bank’s currency system. For example: if you donate $100 today to FOTOC, when We the People’s New Central Bank is operational – your account will be credited 100 times your donation or 10,000 – in We the People’s New Central Bank currency.

Click here or on the “DONATE” button above – to support us. Once we receive enough funds to complete the New Central Bank and our Quantum communications system – we will all – be able to buy and sell and communicate completely outside of their system. We the People’s New Central Bank will fund the holding of our Constitutional Convention & Court.

Support us to the finish line. Do it for yourself, for your family and for your own desire to be free of the tyrannical CORPORATION masquerading as a GOVT!


God bless us all with success!

-Scott David Workman