This page was written to address the following concerns we’ve received:

– Is this for real? – Is this legitimate? –Who is Scott David Workman? I’ve never heard of him and I can’t find any information on him.

This page was not written in any way, shape or form to glorify Scott. All glory goes to God and He is the reason that this movement is moving. If it wasn’t for God, this movement, Friends of the Original Constitution would not exist.

Scott does not seek the limelight or popularity, quite the contrary. He could have just hunkered down and said “I hope someone else saves our Country.” But he seeks the Liberty and the original Constitution we used to have and now are crying out to be restored. He seeks to follow God and will not bow down to criminals that have stolen our Constitutional Government.

He’s put his life, his privacy, and his fortune on the line for his God and his country, and for the world!
God is in charge of this movement; whether it succeeds or fails! God’s will be done!

This page is only to inform those who want to know why Scott has the experience and the ability to do what he sets out to do and for no other ulterior reasons.

Scott David Workman Biography

Scott David Workman (born April 6th, 1962) in Salt Lake City, Utah. He currently is located about 50 miles away from New Liberty, PC (See MAP OF THIEVES page 167 for details). He and his wife Debbie have a blended family of five children and fourteen grandchildren.

He was educated in public schools: Oakridge Elementary, Fortuna Elementary, Churchill Junior High, Skyline High School and attended about two years equivalent (55 Hours) at the University of Utah.

Scott grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys snow skiing and water skiing, especially barefoot water skiing. He loves his God, his family and his country.

Scott served a mission for his church in England and North Wales for eighteen months (from December 1981 – June 1983), has written over one hundred speeches and has spoken to many audiences throughout his life. He has owned-managed rental properties as well as a house flipping venture; a naturopathic health seminar business; a Mortgage Brokerage; a design, remodeling and interiors business; and the “Sugar House Fireworks”; which, at the time, was the largest 4th of July Fireworks event in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scott “saved” the Sugar House Fireworks for five years – from 2010 to 2014.

He is the Founder of Friends of the Original Constitution – the interim Constitutional Government. Scott David Workman is the Nonlawyer Representative of We the People in our $500 Trillion Lawsuit; he is the Organizer of and the Delegate Judge and General Council Chairman (“Chair”) for the Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C); which purpose is to prosecute the Defendants in our Lawsuit and to restore the Constitutional Government at the CC&C. All of this is authorized by We the People of the United States of America; by our signatures on the Declaration of Restoration.

He is the author of the Declaration of Restoration, the Complaint/Lawsuit against the CORPORATION masquerading as our government and over 140 MONOPOLISTS, and two books: MAP OF THIEVES and THE TROJAN VIRUS.

He lived virtually off the “FEDERAL GRID” for 3 years. He’s lived inside their system and outside of their system. He used their own Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to discharge $60,000 of debt; kind of like they “create” money out of thin air by monetizing our debt. Years later, he actually had a conversation with a banker (high up in the FEDERAL RESERVE) who said “I can’t talk about that,” when Scott asked him questions about debt discharge, fractional banking and specifics about how their “special” accounting system worked. He told Scott “once you’re approved in our system, we’ll be able to talk freely.” Scott never did go through with their approval to “get into” their system.

Two of the most impactful experiences influencing him to become an author, and the Founder of Friends of the Original Constitution are: his five years saving the “Sugar House Fireworks” event and his eight years of study, writing, re-writing and formulating the plan to restore our Constitutional Government.

These two experiences started simultaneously and ended up singularly. The first began with the desire to correct a huge problem; the canceled 4th of July Fireworks event. This was an event that impacted several hundred thousand people in the Salt Lake City area. Scott volunteered to take this problem on and provided the solution.

This undertaking started with forming a plan; a plan that indentified the problem and offered a viable solution and inspired the people of Utah to help in the solution.

The plan involved getting the word out; getting the media behind this cause and inspiring the people to get behind this cause. It started out small and eventually snowballed into a city-wide public relations frenzy to “Save the Sugar House Fireworks.”

Every media outlet in the city scrambled to cover this movement. It required multiple interviews each year with many radio, TV and print media; many of those interviews and coverage were live coverage. It involved obtaining sponsors, vendors, sub-contractors and required working with the local government for grants, legal compliance and ensuring that public safety regulations were implemented and followed. It involved raising the money, working with sponsors, working out the logistics, complying with the legalities, and running the event.

Scott has been a problem solver his entire life; in his church service, his businesses and his ventures. As an event organizer he saw that problems within our local communities, local governments and the event itself are all quite similar to those within the “FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.”

Even though the local government and local authority presented many obstacles for the Sugar House Fireworks, Scott found the solutions, presented them, implemented them and was successful each year to save this event. Scott knows that applying the correct solutions to great problems can result in the successful outcome of ANY circumstance – whether it’s a city-wide, country-wide or a world-wide problem.

Scott loves his country; he’s lived outside of it and knows how precious it is to live in this free country. It brings him great pain to see problems that perpetually go on unresolved – especially when he knows that ANY problem CAN be solved.

He has developed – from all of his experiences – special problem solving skills. He has spent the last eight years, analyzing, experiencing, studying, discovering and working out the solutions to the greatest problem we have in our country today, a problem that affects each and every person in this country and its rippling effects are felt throughout the world.

In December of 2019, Scott closed his business to devote all of his time to finalize this plan and to launch this movement. His original launch date was scheduled for sometime in 2020, but when the so-called “Pandemic” hit – it caused his focus and direction to intensify and to wait for the right moment.

Now is the right moment. People are crying out for a movement they can get behind. God is answering our prayers. This is the movement that will remove the thieves who’ve stolen our Constitutional Government – and restore that Constitutional Government along with our health, our money, our freedoms and our Liberty!