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How to Join FOTOC Wellness /About Us 


What is FOTOC?  

Friends of the Original Constitution.

Who is FOTOC?

The Constitutional Government.

What is FOTOC Wellness?

FOTOC Wellness is a system which is comprised of all the “healing arts.” It is based on a monthly subscription model where the primary motivation is centered on the practitioner being empowered to access and use all of God’s tools to heal the subscriber and for the subscriber to receive healing and the ongoing monthly wellness and wellbeing maintenance from the practitioner.

FOTOC Wellness is shifting the primary motivations away from the current AMA (American Medical Association) model which is a “pay-per-service” model.  In this model, practitioners are motivated to perpetually treat “sickness” and “disease” by getting people to come back for more treatments (services) and products. There are no incentives in the AMA system to “heal” or “cure” people because practitioners would lose income from those who were “healed” from their “sickness” or “disease”.

In the FOTOC Wellness model the primary motivation is a “subscription” model. In this model, practitioners are motivated to heal “sickness” and “disease”. When they do their job well they gain more referred subscribers and receive that ongoing monthly subscription payment from the subscribers being maintained in a state of wellness and wellbeing.  

For the people (the subscribers), the motivation is to be “healed” from their “sickness” or “disease” and to receive monthly ongoing wellness and wellbeing empowerment from those practitioners (in FOTOC Wellness). Another motivation to subscribers is that We the People’s New Central Bank will pay them  400 (New Central Bank Currency) every month – to spend with a practitioner (in FOTOC Wellness) and receive ongoing healing and wellness maintenance.

Practitioner’s Choice:

The practitioner chooses how they will operate their practice. They can pool their resources together (with other practitioners) and share in that pool of subscribers or they can head their own practice and hire as many practitioners as they see fit (from the various types of practitioners) to provide their subscribers with a broad spectrum of the various healing arts – to achieve full wellness empowerment for their subscribers.

Types of Practitioners:

Medical.  Non-medical: naturopathic, herbology, quantum frequency, energy healing, chakra empowerment, aura, essential oils, chiropractic, holistic, homeopathic, ayurvedic, acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy, yoga, craniosacral, light therapy, massage, osteopathy, qigong, reflexology, shiatsu, tibetan, tui na, and etc. (this is only a partial list)

Incentives to Practitioners:

People must use their monthly  400 (New Central Bank Currency) benefit in the FOTOC Wellness System. The more a practitioner can provide quality healing and wellness maintenance – the more people will be attracted to – and to stay with the practitioner.

Doctors and nurses will be incentivized to leave the AMA by  the New Central Bank (Upon FOTOC Bank becoming operational).  The following excerpt is from our Complaint/Lawsuit:

Doctors will receive  1 Million (New Central Bank Currency) and nurses will receive  218 Thousand (New Central Bank Currency) to leave the American Medical Association, to join FOTOC Wellness and at a future date – be trained in our new “Wellness System.”

Non-medical Practitioners will receive up to 218 Thousand (New Central Bank Currency) to join/become a practitioner in FOTOC Wellness and at a future date – be trained in this new “Wellness System.”  The amount they will receive depends on how many clients they currently are serving ie: they will receive 1,000 (New Central Bank Currency) per client up to 218 clients. 

The Huge Problem:

The FEDERAL GOVT is a FOREIGN CORPORATION intentionally created – to fraudulently – bypass the constitutional government established by our founding fathers.

They are an Un-lawful government. Everything they do – and have done – since 1871 – is Unlawful; including giving authority – over our health – to the AMA and passing laws which made it a crime to heal or cure ANYONE unless “granted permission” from the AMA.  This is anti-liberty, anti-God and anti-Constitution.

The AMA, the CDC and others are engaged in disease exploitation and disease racketeering – like hyping up a “common flu” or “cold” into a worldwide pandemic. Racketeering is defined as “organized criminal activity carried out by fraud, intimidation and extortion which declares that a product or service will solve a nonexistent problem, which would not exist without the racket the criminals created in the first place”.

And what makes it – far worse than racketeering – is that these criminals – have caused injury and death to millions of people – because of the adverse affects – of receiving the vaccine and other toxic drugs and treatments. Those involved – who knowingly created and continue to operate this disease racketeering scheme – are murderers!

As a Medical Professional – you are caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is that your license and authority to practice medicine, comes from the biggest disease racketeering association of them all – the AMA.

The hard place is that they hold ALL authority over your license to practice medicine, which is your livelihood – and how you earn a living.  If you DO NOT follow the protocols of the AMA, the CDC and the WHO, they can swiftly pull your license – and shut down your livelihood as a Medical Professional.

The good news is that the disease racketeering complex – this entire criminal organization will be prosecuted at the Constitutional Convention & Court and you can join FOTOC Wellness and operate and thrive completely outside of their system.

The Truth:

You DO NOT need a medical license from the AMA to earn your livelihood. You DO NOT need their permission to earn a living –and you DO NOT need to follow their “protocols” PERIOD!

The Big Solution:

Friends of the Original Constitution is the LAWFUL interim Constitutional Government of the United States of America – authorized by ALMOST 100K signatures on the Declaration of Restoration.

In a Country with a true Constitutional GOVT – YOU DO NOT need permission to heal or cure ANYONE – AND – you CANNOT be FORCED – to use a product or a service or follow a protocol!  Liberty (or free will) is an inalienable right (and cannot be taken – or – given away). 

FOTOC is building a New Wellness System –within the jurisdiction and protection of the Constitutional Government. In this Wellness System, you will have our blessing to use all of the “healing arts” and all of God’s cures available – to bring people to “Wellness” without the threat of losing your livelihood.

We are building a New Central Bank – owned by We the People – which will fund the New Wellness System – and all of the systems of the Constitutional Government.

This is how we STOP doing business with the CORPORATION masquerading as our GOVT, the AMA, the CDC and THE WHO!  In a Country with a true Constitutional Government, there are NO INCOME TAXES, IRS or any other Unlawful tyrannical “agencies”.

In the Constitutional Government YOU CAN thrive and earn your livelihood – buy and sell – in freedom and liberty – completely outside of the criminal “so-called government”.

Who gives FOTOC their authority to create FOTOC Wellness? 

We the People! We have about 100,000 signatures on the Declaration of Restoration authorizing us – as the Constitutional Government! We are the ONLY authorized government in the United States of America, operating by the authority of the people and by the authority of the original Constitution. Period!

Don’t you need authority from the “US GOVT” to do what you’re doing?

NO! They are not a government; they’re a CORPORATION (since 1871) that is masquerading as a GOVT.  They stole our Constitutional Government and our monetary system. They are criminals who will be prosecuted at the Constitutional Convention & Court.

Governing Council:

Prior to the Constitutional Convention & Court, all governance of the FOTOC Wellness System will be by the current Founding Council of Friends of the Original Constitution and afterwards by the Constitutional Councils of Citizens called to serve as set forth in the Declaration of Restoration and by the restored/updated Constitution and will be binding upon all who are within the jurisdiction of the Constitutional United States of America.

How to become a practitioner in the FOTOC Wellness System:

1. Enroll in our Wellness System – using the form below.

2. Make your $500 enrollment* donation/payment during the enrollment process.

3. Once We the People’s New Central Bank is operational – your account – at We the People’s New Central Bank will be credited 100 times your donation.

4. Once We the People’s New Central Bank is operational (Target = April) – people with a FOTOC Bank (the New Central Bank) account will begin to receive their monthly 400 (Central Bank Currency) benefit in the FOTOC Wellness System. You can then inform your patients or clients of this incredible benefit (their monthly healing and wellness subscription paid for by the New Central Bank).

5. For every individual you refer to sign up (with your referral code) for a FOTOC Bank (the New Central Bank) account, you will receive a referral fee of 1000 (Central Bank Currency).

6. For every individual who subscribes to your practice in the FOTOC Wellness System – you will receive their monthly subscription payments.

* This first time enrollment will cover one full year – plus – the few months prior to the launch of our New Central Bank.

Note:  We are looking for large Stakeholders ($200K +) in all of the systems of Friends of the Original Constitution: (1) FOTOC (Interim Constitutional Govt). (2) FOTOC Bank (New Central Bank). (3) FOTOC Quantum (Communication System). (4) FOTOC Energy (Energy Systems). (5) FOTOC Wellness (Wellness System). (6) FOTOC Essentials (air, food, water, shelter, protection, emergency). (7) FOTOC Education (schools of truth, integrity, values, morals, real science, liberty, freedom and religion).

If you are interested, please add a note during your enrollment and we will contact you with a Stakeholder presentation which explains all of the additional benefits that are available to large Stakeholders.