Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing


Merkaba: light-spirit-body

The Problem:

The discomfort, pain and trauma suffered within our human body (disease) is terrible, but what makes it even more terrible is that in most cases, Mainstream Medicine does not have the tools which can eliminate disease.


Most of the time, the discomfort, pain and trauma we experience is not a physical (mechanical/biological) problem, it is an energetic (quantum/metaphysical/multi-dimensional) problem caused by dirt bags (dark energetics) which feed off of the negative energy (pain/thoughts) produced during the trauma, drama and frustrations of physical problems (diseases).


Mainstream Medicine centers their focus on “treating” the physical (mortal) body – mostly with drugs, vaccines and surgery. Mainstream Medicine never claims that they can “cure” a disease. They DO NOT because they CANNOT: they DO NOT possess the full spectrum of tools required. They appear to spend a lot of time “looking” for a cure, but what they’re actually doing is the equivalent of looking for a needle in the wrong haystack.


Major Diseases treated by Mainstream Medicine


Heart disease: Cancer: Tumors: Diabetes: Endocrine diseases: Liver/Kidney diseases: Brain disease: Neurological problems: Alzheimer’s/Dementia: Depression/Anxiety: Blindness: Eye conditions: Respiratory/Asthma diseases: Tuberculosis: Autoimmune diseases: Paralysis/Muscle conditions: Nerve disorders: Anemia: Blood diseases: Arthritis: Bone/joint diseases: DNA Damage: Infectious diseases: Addictions: and many more diseases.


The Solution:

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our spirit body (energetic) powers our physical body. The universe is composed of energy (element) all connected (in multiple dimensions) in a gigantic sea of energetic plasma. Our thoughts are energy transmitted through our activated chakras by way of vibrations through this plasma. Our thoughts have great power (positive or negative) to create our reality. Our Universe responds to our thoughts by giving us what we think and believe (positive and negative).


We receive energy (source light) through our open chakras from the Universe which sustains our bodies. There are light (good) energetics and dark (evil) energetics. Good energetics cleave to light (seek to be one/connected) while dark energetics seek darkness (separation/selfishness) and are like parasites (like mosquitos); they feed off of our energies, especially when we’re in a negative energy space (trauma, drama, negative thoughts). When we have a large amount of dark energetics who’ve attached themselves to us – it cuts off (or clogs up) our transmitting and receiving chakras – which limits our access to source light – which weakens our bodies (and spirits) and leaves us very vulnerable to disease (and access to God’s source light/His healing power).


It’s God who heals us, not man. God has given us clues through the scriptures and through His rightful servants on how to use His energetic tools (and wisdom) to clear out dirt bags (dark energetics) who are draining our energy. Once this happens, our access to source light (power of God) begins to flow freely and abundantly. This is when our divine blueprint is re-aligned and our spirit’s (good energy) and our body’s (immune system) begin to work together to create optimal health and wellbeing.


One of the several tools I have been given is the Merkaba (which means light-spirit-body). The picture at the top of this page is a representation of the Merkaba. When I am aligned with Divine Plan – I have permission to use this tool for God’s wise purposes and when you are aligned with Divine Plan I can use these tools (with your permission) to help you access God’s healing power. If you decide you would like to have a phone call with me – to be cleared of Dark Energetics (have your chakras de-clogged) and have your access to source light restored – to have it flowing abundantly once again – please consider the following requirements for me to work with you:


1. You must be aligned with Divine Plan. It’s God who heals you. He decides who He will heal.
2. You cannot have participated in heinous or evil acts. Examples: Murder, trafficking, worshipping of Satan.
3. Your intentions must be honorable and your integrity level must be at least average.

Another tool I have is to test (receive answers from the Holy Spirit) your integrity level and your alignment with Divine Plan. When you sign up on calendly (below) for a 30-minute session – I will need your full name, what city you live in and what disease/affliction you are struggling with. After you set up the appointment and I am notified, I will respond with either (A) You are aligned with Divine Plan for your session or (B) You are NOT aligned with Divine Plan for a session (If you’re not aligned, I will cancel the session).


What is the value exchange (price) for this work?

That number is set by you – by your being – by your soul. In other words – ask yourself (your soul) and God “what is the value I am willing to exchange for me to be healed from _______________ disease”? This value (amount/price) must resonate with your core being as being a fair exchange of value for the work performed.


There must be a value exchange for this work to stick (integrity/cohesion). This is one of the laws of the Universe. If at the end of our session – you don’t feel like you’ve received value from the work performed, then there is no value exchange required (no charge): if that is the truth which resonates within your core being – then the value of spending 30-minutes of time – on the phone with each other – will serve as the value exchange.


If the work is of high value to you – then it is very important to anchor your value within 24 hours.



Let me illustrate why: Suppose you desperately needed me to get you somewhere and I was the only one that could get you safely through the rough seas to your destination. You agree beforehand, to bring an anchor and drop it as soon as we arrive at your destination.

Rowing in rough seas

If you do not drop the anchor after we arrive, what would happen? All that work I did to get you to your destination would drift away and you would be back where you started or even further adrift from where you were before.


It is also very important that the value you place on this work (originally) is the value exchange that you actually exchange. You don’t need to tell me what the value exchange number (amount/price) is which originally resonated within your core being for me to do this work; it is just very import that you don’t short change yourself. In other words if you don’t exchange the value that your soul came up with in the beginning, it is the same as if you did not anchor this value at all. It is very important to stay in integrity with God, yourself and the Universe.


Schedule your 30 Minute Session with Scott David Workman here.


At the end of our session, I will answer your questions and explain where to go to anchor the value for the session work provided to you.


Take care and God Bless,


Scott David Workman