(See About FOTOC Bank page for more information)

All of the subsequent questions and answers are contingent upon the completion of FOTOC Bank’s monetary system and it becoming operational.

Question: Is your currency backed by Gold or Silver?

Answer: No. It’s backed by the faith of the people using it. One major problem with physical money (Since the dawn of time) of any kind, gold, silver, paper money (cash), etc. is that it can be stolen – and many times – irretrievable. Using our currency (monetary system) to buy and sell will help take away the temptation for thieves to attempt to steal your FOTOC currency – since wherever they attempt to put the money (in the FOTOC system) can easily be put back into your account and the thieves can be caught and face the consequences of their actions. 

Question: Why should I trust in your monetary system if it’s not backed by Gold and Silver?

Answer: The money you use now (the FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY SYSTEM/ the “FED”) is not backed by gold and silver. Many years ago it used to be; meaning you could go to a bank and exchange your cash for gold or silver. Now the “FED” money is only backed by you, acting as collateral for their debt/discharge fiat money system. Fiat means that it works – as long as everyone has the faith – that it is worth what the government says its worth. Having trust and faith in each other – is what makes FOTOC Bank’s monetary system work.

Question:  Why are you asking for donations now – in FEDERAL RESERVE money – to complete your new monetary system – if you’re saying you want to eliminate the FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY SYSTEM?

Answer: Because, until FOTOC Bank is operational; we are in the same boat – as you are in right now – having to buy and sell with the – only monetary system available. We need donations to fund the completion of FOTOC Bank. Once FOTOC Bank is operational and we all start using it – we won’t need FEDERAL RESERVE money anymore

Question: Why is FEDERAL RESERVE money losing value and inflation skyrocketing?

Answer: Old Babylon: the CORPORATION masquerading as our GOVT and their counterfeit monetary system (the “FED”) and their co-conspirators – are intentionally causing shortages, layoffs, inflation, driving up food and energy prices and manipulating the stock market downturn: All of these manipulations are on purpose to cause an economic crash. They are also planning to destroy their current FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY SYSTEM and our “so-called GOVT”. This crash and destruction of the current system will cause people to panic and clamor for a solution to be able to buy and sell and survive. New Babylon, with their false savior will rush in to “save” everyone with their “solution”. Their solution is an artificial intelligence internet connection type of control system and monetary system and digital passport system (Mark of the Beast) that interfaces you or links you into their artificial intelligence (AI) control system. It is a small chip or substance installed under the skin of your forehead/temple area and or a corresponding device, chip or substance in your hand. You will not be able to buy or sell, without being linked to this artificial intelligence (AI) control system. Their system is a counterfeit; it is artificial and a false system/savior. It is a system of control similar to a “queen bee” controlling its devoted drones in a beehive.

Question: How will FOTOC Bank help me escape Babylon; before the economy crashes and my money becomes worthless?

Answer: FOTOC Bank is a monetary system which is completely outside of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (Babylon’s system). It’s owned by We the People; it’s our system. Once FOTOC Bank is completed, it will be the solution (a Constitutional Monetary System) – to empower you to buy and sell outside of Babylon’s system. It will empower you by matching all of the money you currently have in Babylon’s system. This is how you escape Old Babylon before it collapses, before all your money in their system becomes worthless. Our solution will empower you to refuse the Mark of the Beast – to interface with New Babylon’s artificial intelligence (AI) control system and monetary system and false savior.

Question: How long will it take before FOTOC Bank’s monetary system is completed?

Answer: That depends on how many donations we receive. The more donations we receive, the more programmers and UI and UX designers we can hire to complete this app for all platforms (Android, Apple, Web App, etc) as quickly as possible.

Question: Once FOTOC Bank’s monetary system is completed and operational, how long will it take for people and businesses to get an account and use it?

Answer: With all the incentives, matching of funds, the 100 timesing (in  cc’s) your donations; the people around the world being squeezed by their tyrannical governments; the economies crashing all around the world and prices souring for necessities – we believe – it won’t take long for this incredible FOTOC Bank solution to spread like wildfire. It will help if – everyone share’s it – with everyone they know. Remember our referral program. (See full explanation on About FOTOC Bank page).

Question: What is your referral program?

Answer: FOTOC Bank referral program: You will receive   1000 – credited into your individual account at FOTOC Bank, for everyone who signs up and obtains an account within our monetary system using your referral code. Everyone who obtains an account will receive a referral code which they can give to the people they refer to sign up.

Question: After I obtain an account at FOTOC Bank, will I still be able to use my Federal Reserve money?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. We all will need to use both systems for a time until enough people and businesses sign up for an account with FOTOC Bank account. We are all going to be in a transitional stage out of Babylon (the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and the CORPORATION which is masquerading as our government).  

Question: What if someone I want to buy from says they don’t take  (cc’s)?

Answer: Kindly let them know that if they don’t take  (cc’s) you’ll just buy from someone else (their competition), who does take  (cc’s). This will most likely start a constructive conversation in which you can give them the following information: (PS: If they sign up with your referral code – you will receive  1,000 (cc’s)).

All Individuals and Businesses: will have all of their funds (money in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM) matched.

And in addition to having all of their funds matched:

All Individuals will receive  10,000 upon the opening of an account at FOTOC Bank.

All Businesses: will receive 10% of their year-end net annual sales (in  (cc’s)) for any year 2019 and after (Pick your highest net sales “year-end” financial statement for maximum benefit).

Question: Who or what gives FOTOC the authority to create a monetary system? (See full explanation on About FOTOC Bank page).

Answer: We the People authorize this Constitutional Monetary System by our signatures on the Declaration of Restoration. The Declaration of Restoration authorizes Friends of the Original Constitution as the interim Constitutional Government and Article 1 Section 8 of the original Constitution authorizes the Constitutional Government (Friends of the Original Constitution) ” To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.”

Question: My ___________________ is telling me that creating a new monetary system is against the law. Is it?

Answer: No it is not against the law; especially since We the People have authorized it – as stated in the previous answer above. In reality the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is a counterfeit government allowing – a private bank – the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK – to counterfeit the Securities and current Coin of the United States; in other words to operate a monetary system for the world! They have been breaking the law – the Constitution – for over 100 years. (See full explanation on About FOTOC Bank page).

Question: Who owns FOTOC Bank?

Answer: We the People collectively own FOTOC Banks’ monetary system – not a private group of individuals – which own the FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY SYSTEM. All of the profit from this monetary system is put back into the benefits and retirement programs for you – for We the People. And – in the future – we will be fulfilling many more of those promises we’ve made to you in the beginning.

Question: What benefits and retirement and promises have you made?

Answer: Here’s just a small list of benefits to come:

  • Senior Citizens (65 yrs old +) will receive 3,000 per month.
  • Every person will receive 400 per month to help them pay for a subscription based “Wellness System” – actual health care system – which includes all of the healing arts.
  • Doctors will receive ( 1M) and nurses will receive ( 218K) to leave the America Medical Association and join and be re-trained in our new “Wellness System” – actual health care system – which includes all of the healing arts.
  • All adults will eventually receive 100K
  • Millions of Small Businesses will eventually receive 200K
  • Friends of the Original Constitution – the true Constitutional Government will be issuing ID’s so if you choose – you can acknowledge to the world – you are proudly under the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Government.

Click Here to see the Big List of benefits coming soon.

Question: Do I have to provide my most recent bank statement(s) to have my funds matched?

Answer: No.  Pick any one 30-day statement since January 1, 2019 (per account) and we will match that amount.  This is a one-time matching of your funds – so be sure to provide one 30-day statement for each account you have in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM: We will match checking accounts, savings accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Insurance policies with a statement of cash value, CDs, options, futures, and ETFs) and crypto currency accounts.

Question: Do I have to stop using my FEDERAL RESERVE money when I open an account at FOTOC Bank?

Answer: No, you can still use both.  Use your  (cc’s) where  (cc’s) are accepted and use your FEDERAL RESERVE currency where FEDERAL RESERVE currency is accepted.

Question: Are my funds in FOTOC Bank insured by the FDIC?

Answer: No, we are NOT in any way, shape or form associated with the CORPORATION masquerading as our GOVT (FEDERAL GOVT) and their counterfeit monetary system (the “FED”) or their co-conspirators. Friends of the Original Constitution, the Constitutional Government insures all of your funds (not just a portion) at FOTOC Bank.

Question: Will FOTOC Bank cancel anyone they don’t like for any reason?

Answer: We do not participate in cancel culture.  We do have the right to freeze or limit access to the funds of anyone involved in fraud or other criminal activities. Also, there are over 140 Defendants in our $500 Trillion lawsuit which will not being allowed to commerce on FOTOC Bank; until such time as the Constitutional Convention & Court is convened or a Councils of Citizens rules in favor of said Defendants

Question: Will I earn interest on my  (cc’s) in FOTOC Bank?

Answer: Savings accounts at FOTOC Bank will earn 3% annual interest (based on daily average).  As banks come aboard FOTOC Bank – and you open a savings account with them, your  (cc’s) will earn an additional 3% on your savings.

Question: Can I obtain a loan from a bank in this new monetary system?

Answer: Yes, eventually banks, lenders and Credit Unions, which have an approved account with FOTOC Bank, will have access to wholesale funds – so that they will be able to offer their customers loans and mortgages at reasonable rates:  Lower than they are now (due to the manipulations of the FEDERAL RESERVE).

Question: Who benefits from the interest charged to banks which obtain wholesale loans from FOTOC Bank?

Answer: All of the profits which FOTOC Bank receives from loaning wholesale funds to banks goes into the people’s benefits and retirement program as well as funding State and National Constitutional Governments throughout the world – to operate in their Constitutional functions as set forth in the Constitution for the United State of America.

Click Here to see the Big List of benefits coming soon.

Question: Am I charged anything (like a tax) to use FOTOC Bank?

Answer: You are only charged a very small amount when you decide to spend your money. A 2% (contribution) of each transaction is charged when money leaves your account (Internal transfers within your accounts are not charged), only when you buy something/send money out of your account. 1.5% goes to the State (province) where you live (to the Constitutional State which has an account at FOTOC Bank) and .5% goes to the national government where you live (FOTOC is the Constitutional Government in the USA or to the national Constitutional Government where you live, which has an account at FOTOC Bank). These funds are used by the Constitutional States and or Constitutional National Governments to operate their governing responsibilities and lawful activities authorized by their respective Constitutions. NO money is ever given to any unconstitutional government, dictatorship or any CORPORATION that is masquerading as a government.

Question: What happens to my retirement savings and social security benefits in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM?

Answer: We don’t touch what you have now in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. At the very least, we’ll match in  (cc’s) what you have and provide you even greater benefits coming from the Constitutional Government and its monetary system: FOTOC Bank. And you can still receive everything you receive now in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. We’ll match (in  (cc’s)) what you have in your current retirement savings – and you can spend that money how you choose to spend it. And here’s a list of benefits you’ll have coming from FOTOC Bank in the future:

  • Senior Citizens (65 yrs old +) will receive 3,000 per month.
  • Retroactive 2 years: one surviving spouse to receive spousal benefits until the surviving spouse’s death.
  • Coming soon: Ensured that those disabled have income and benefits equal or better than what they receive in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.
  • Every person will receive 400 per month to help them pay for a subscription based “Wellness System” – actual health care system – which includes all of the healing arts.
  • Debt Forgiveness Day (see next section).

Click Here to see the Big List of benefits coming soon.

Question: How will Debt Forgiveness Day work?

Answer: We promised early on – in this FOTOC movement – that after We the People held our Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C) and took over the assets of the FEDERAL RESERVE – we would schedule a one-time Debt Forgiveness Day – where all of your debts, your mortgages, your loans, etc.; would be forgiven. We don’t have to wait – to take over THE FEDERAL RESERVE’s assets – to forgive your debts. Once FOTOC Bank is operational – we can just pay off your debts.

  • • Here’s how Debt Forgiveness will work: When your lender signs up for an account at FOTOC Bank – submit a debt pay off request with them. When we receive this pay-off request from your lender – FOTOC Bank will pay off your debt – (in cc’s) – and your lender will take that debt off of their books. Essentially, your debt will be forgiven. In addition – FOTOC Bank will pay your lender – the interest – they would have made – over the remaining life of the loan. Essentially – this will be Debt Forgiveness Day – for that debt. It’s a win-win for everyone – for you – and for your lender. This is just another huge benefit to be a part of We the People’s Monetary System.

Question: Do you report my activities to the IRS or other “government” agencies and how do I pay my state and federal income taxes in the new system?

Answer: No! Our system is NOT a part of the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our government. We don’t report anything to that so-called “FEDERAL” system. In this or any true Constitutional Government there are NO income taxes, NO property taxes and NO IRS. NONE of the CODES, STATUTES, MANDATES or so-called LAWS of the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our government has any jurisdiction or authority over We the People and our true Constitutional Government.

Question: Is there a maximum amount I can earn each month participating in the referral program?

Answer: No, there’s no limit to what you can earn from participating in the referral program.

Question: Where do I find my referral code?

Answer: Once you obtain an account at FOTOC Bank, you’ll find it under your name on the profile tab in the FOTOC app.

Question: Can I buy and sell with  (cc’s) – anywhere in the world?

Answer: You can buy and sell anywhere in the world where  (CC’s) are accepted.

Question: Can the so-called FEDERAL GOVT shut down FOTOC Bank?

Answer: If FOTOC Bank was operating within their CORPORATION-GOVT counterfeit system = Yes.  However, we are not operating within their counterfeit system. We are operating by the authority of We the People, by our signatures on the Declaration of Restoration, by the original Constitution and the Constitutional Government.

Question: Why am I required to sign the Declaration of Restoration to open an account with FOTOC Bank?

Answer: Because this adds your personal authorization to all that is contained in the Declaration of Restoration; which is to empower Friends of the Original Constitution – the Constitutional Government – to create and operate FOTOC Bank as the only Constitutionally authorized monetary system. It also authorizes the full restoration of the Constitution and the Constitutional Government and to prosecute the defendants -including the CORPORATION masquerading as our GOVT and their counterfeit monetary system (the FEDERAL RESERVE) as well as 140 other defendants in our lawsuit. It authorizes Friends of the Original Constitution to restore everything which the defendants have stolen from We the People.

Question: What documentation do you need from me to open an account at FOTOC Bank?

Answer: (You must first open an individual account before you can open a business account). To open an individual account or a business account:

  1. 1. Upload 2 forms of ID. Primary ID must be a verifiable Photo ID issued by local or national government. Second ID: passport, credit card, institutional ID, or an alternate form to be considered like a cell phone bill, electric bill, mortgage bill, etc.) All information must be verifiable: Full name; Physical Address; Email; Cell phone number.
  2. 2. Two-factor authentication is required to sign up/establish an account and to login.
  3. 3. Must read, agree and sign the Declaration of Restoration – and agree to abide by its principles as well as the Constitution. The “agree” button appears only after reading and scrolling down to the bottom of the Declaration of Restoration page.
  4. 4. Must agree to Messaging, notifications, emails and updates.

Question: Do need to provide my Social Security Number to open up a FOTOC Bank account?

Answer: No, there will be no using “FEDERAL ID’s or Social Security numbers, etc. (from the “FEDERAL SYSTEM”) in the FOTOC Bank system.  Upon opening an account, all Individuals and businesses will receive a unique 8 or 9 digit ID number that cannot be reused or misused. This unique number cannot be re-assigned.  This number is retired upon the death of the individual or upon a business which closes down their account at FOTOC Bank. As a future benefit, this unique Individual ID number will be able to be tagged to the surviving spouse’s benefits.

Question: Can I open a FOTOC Bank account for my disabled or elderly mother/father?

Answer: Yes, in the future this feature will become available.

Question: Can I open a FOTOC Bank account for my minor child?

Answer: Yes, in the future this feature will become available. Savings Accounts for minors will become available: (under age of 16) and must have a parent or guardian as joint owner on the account.  Transaction accounts will become available (ages 16 and 17) and must have a parent or guardian as joint owner on the account.

Question: Can I add my spouse as joint owner on my FOTOC Bank account?

Answer: Yes, in the future this feature will become available.

Question: Will my minor child receive  10,000 (cc’s) when a minor account is opened in their name?

Answer: Yes, a minor child will receive  10,000 (cc’s when an account is opened in their name; however, this money will not be available to access (by minor or parent/guardian) until the minor child turns 18 years old.

Question:  Is there a search to find what businesses accept CC’s?

Answer: Yes, there is a simple search by name now and later we will develop a more sophisticated ability to search by zip code and “near me” and by business types, etc.

Question: Other than me, who can access my FOTOC Bank info?

Answer: FOTOC Bank administration are the only one’s other than you, who can see your FOTOC bank information and account details.

Question: Are credit cards and debit cards available on the FOTOC Bank Monetary System?

Answer: They will be available in the future. Account holders with FOTOC Bank who open an account with Banks and Credit Unions –authorized under FOTOC Bank, will gain additional benefits (in addition to their primary account with FOTOC Bank). For example:

  1. 1. Savings Accounts – receive an additional 3% annual interest – on top of the 3% earned on their FOTOC Bank primary Savings Account balance.
  2. 2. Credit and Debit Cards based on (cc’s): the currency of FOTOC Bank.

Question: What do I do if there are unauthorized transactions on my account at FOTOC Bank?

Answer: Contact FOTOC Bank immediately @ (Customer Service emails coming).  Provide us with a brief summary of your complaint and concerns. We will contact you within 24 hours.  Be sure to type “Urgent – Unauthorized Transaction” in the email subject line.

Question: Am I responsible for the loss of my funds if Unauthorized Transactions happen on my account at FOTOC bank?

Answer: If it is fraudulent, no. Notify us immediately and we’ll restore your funds. Non-fraud issues will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Question: How will I be able to access my FOTOC Bank funds if the internet is down?

Answer: In the future (for a backup system) we will develop some type of offline system – to be able to buy and sell using FOTOC Bank currency – in case the internet is down – or for whatever reason it may not be available.

Question: Will there ever be a tangible currency (physical coins, paper money, etc.)?

Answer: Credit cards and debit cards; yes (see above). For physical coins and paper money; this will be decided at either the Constitutional Convention & Court or when a Citizens Council is convened.

Question: How is FOTOC Bank governed/What is a Citizen Council?

Answer: It’s governed by We the People.

  1. 1. Friends of the Original Constitution and FOTOC Bank are governed by the people. We are a Constitutional Republic – meaning: we are a representative form of government. In Scott David Workman’s book “Map of Thieves” you can read more about how when we hold the Constitutional Convention & Court, we are going to add new Amendments to the Constitution. We are going to restore Liberty and freedom and the framework of our Constitutional Government; our self-government. We are going to make it stronger than ever before and put safeguards in the Constitution that will ensure that it cannot be stolen away from us again or become corrupted by evil and designing men. One of those safeguards (Amendments) is to add Citizen Councils as a 4th check and balance upon our Constitutional Government.
  2. 2. Amendment to be added: “Congressional committees and subcommittees will be abolished, and replaced with Councils. Councils will be comprised of three members of Congress, acting as Council President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  These members will serve no more than a one (1) year term in such capacity, and each will report to the corresponding member of the Executive branch (Council President reports to the President, Council VP reports to the VP, and Council Secretary reports to the Secretary of State).  The remainder of each Council will be comprised of Citizens, chosen by a computer, with safeguards placed on it to prevent corruption. There will be guidelines in place that will ensure diversity of representation, and prevention of any one group being overrepresented, but each Citizen will be chosen at random.  The total number of council members will be no less than 53 and no more than 100.  Selection for Council participation will be similar to that of Jury Duty, with the same age and Citizenship requirements.  All travel and lodging expenses will be paid for out of the Constitutional Government Budget.  Each Citizen chosen, will attend one week of congruently scheduled council meetings and will be eligible to serve a maximum of once per year, to prevent overrepresentation of specific concerns.  Council meetings will be open to any member of Congress and to the public, and will be the forum for advancing new laws or removal or refining of existing ones.  Councils meetings will be broadcast and recorded and accessible to all. The Council’s sole purpose is to hear input and concerns from Citizens, and to involve the people in the shaping of their legislative agenda; to give the people a voice and a vote in the legislative process, and to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions.  All resolutions discussed at a Council must attain a 3/4 majority vote in order to advance to Congress for a vote.  No member of a lobbying firm or political action committee, past or present, will be allowed to attend Council meetings for any reason. No giving or acceptance of gifts, money or anything resembling lobbying or bribery (influence buying and selling) to Citizen Councils or Government Management will be allowed; but will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Constitutional Laws of the Land.”
  3. 3. In the interim, prior to the Constitutional Convention & Court, all decisions will be set forth by the current Founding Council of Friends of the Original Constitution and afterwards by Constitutional Councils of Citizens called to serve as set forth above and will be binding upon all who are under the jurisdiction of the Constitutional United States of America.

Question: Are there any limitations to the amount of  currency I have in my account(s) at FOTOC Bank?

Answer: Yes, there are limitations to prevent monopolies; see below. 

  1. 1. No individual can have in excess of 100 Billion (cc’s) in their account.
  2. 2. No business can have in excess of 300 Billion (cc’s) in their account.
  3. 3. No individual or groups of individuals can have control or ownership of one or more businesses that exceeds 300 Billion (cc’s) in their account(s).
  4. 4. To open or maintain an account in which ownership of said account approaches or exceeds the  300 Billion (cc’s) amount rule above, said company must be either broken up, divested or the ownership of their respective company must be split equally between the employees of said company for account to be opened or account to remain open.
  5. 5. MONOPOLIES are why we are in this world-wide tyrannical mess. MONOPOLIES will NEVER AGAIN be ALLOWED – EVER – in the Constitutional United States of America. The first great MONOPOLY is that “CORPORATION that is masquerading as our government.” THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK is the second greatest MONOPOLY of our modern era. It is the great counterfeit monetary system of the world, that’s kept us in bondage to it – for over 100 years. The third greatest MONOPOLY is the Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry causing the death of 48+ million people ever year. Click Here to see the full list of Defendants in our lawsuit.
  6. 6. MONOPOLIES have brought this country to the brink of destruction. One of the main reasons Friends of the Original Constitution began was to initiate a Complaint/Lawsuit against the so-called “FEDERAL GOVT” and over 140 MONOPOLISTS for $500 Trillion. We are going to prosecute these Defendants with Constitutional Councils of Citizens and at the Constitutional Convention & Court. We the People are unitedly going to finalize the righting of the wrongs perpetrated upon us; by this counterfeit government and their counterfeit monetary system and their co-conspirators (the Defendants). As much as in We the People’s earthly power, and by what God’s grants us, we will restore what the Defendants have stolen from us; our money, our health, our liberty, our freedom, our Constitution and our Constitutional Government.

Question: Do you really think you can peacefully take down the FEDERAL GOVT and the FEDERAL RESERVE MONETARY SYSTEM?

Answer: Yes, We the People can do it together, if we follow God and we’re united.

  1. 1. They are no MATCH against God. He is on our side and these MONOPOLISTS of BABYLON are going to be very sorry when BABYLON falls – as prophesied by John in the Book of Revelation – Chapter 18 (2) And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen… (8)Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. (9) And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, (15)The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,
  2. 2. If we all stopped using their money to buy and sell -their system would collapse almost overnight. That CORPORATION which is masquerading as our government – the counterfeit government – would also collapse almost overnight – as well.
  3. 3. Friends of the Original Constitution is providing you the way to stop supporting that system and to take back the control of your ability to buy and sell according to your – own free will and choice. We will match all of the money you have in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. You can now choose to buy and sell with your money – the way you choose to buy and sell – in the true Constitutional Government’s monetary system. When you support the Constitutional Government, we support you. We value your freedom, your life, your liberty and the pursuit of your happiness. We acknowledge you as one of the owners of this country.

Friends of the Original Constitution’s monetary system is your system – owned by We the People. We the People own this country – and we need to take it back – and this is how we do it. By supporting us – by using our monetary system – you will be supporting yourself out of Babylon. With Friends of the Original Constitution’s monetary system you have the choice of where and when you spend and receive your money, without the threat of being cancelled or controlled or losing your ability to buy or sell. You also will be supporting the Constitutional Convention & Court when we bring these tyrannical criminals and thieves to justice, these counterfeiters – who have been stealing from us for over 100 years.