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Where are you filing this Lawsuit?

We are not filing the lawsuit anywhere in the FEDERAL CORPORATION A.K.A. THE UNITED STATES. The UNITED STATES is a FOREIGN CORPORATION = Not our Government. Filing a lawsuit in the FEDERAL CORPORATION A.K.A. THE UNITED STATES “COURTS” would be the equivalent of filing a lawsuit against Bugs Bunny in China. China has no standing or jurisdiction over Bugs Bunny.

You don’t have standing, capacity or jurisdiction to do this.

We don’t care about or have to have “standing” in the FEDERAL CORPORATION A.K.A. THE UNITED STATES. We don’t have to ask permission from a CORPORATION that is committing fraud by masquerading as our government – for any reason. We the People collectively united, hold all jurisdictions in this land and we’ve revoked their jurisdiction and their standing.

What was declared in the video is not Due Process, that’s not the way we do it here in the UNITED STATES.

We are not following the “Due Process” procedures of a FEDERAL FOREIGN CORPORATION. We are following the service of process of the laws of the Constitutional Convention and Court authorized by We the People’s signatures on the Declaration of Restoration as stated in the lawsuit.

Your Declaration of Restoration is nonsense.

Was the Declaration of Independence nonsense? It effectively removed the colonies from the jurisdiction of England. It removed England’s standing, jurisdiction and their laws. The Declaration of Restoration does the same thing; it has exposed the FEDERAL FOREIGN CORPORATION A.K.A. THE UNITED STATES as a fraudulent government that supplanted our original Constitutional Government with a CORPORATION and has effectively and lawfully removed their standing, jurisdiction and their so-called laws i.e.: CORPORATE “by-laws”.

This judge or this lawyer says this is nonsense.

Judges and lawyers have been indoctrinated in the schools and Bar Association of the FEDERAL CORPORATION A.K.A. THE UNITED STATES. It’s all they know. Of course they are going to criticize this movement and claim it has no jurisdiction or standing because they haven’t considered the fact that they are EMPLOYEES of a FOREIGN CORPORATION A.K.A. THE UNITED STATES. They are “officers” of the CORPORATION/COURT. In reality it is they who have no jurisdiction, standing or authority over We the People.

Benefits & Retirement

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If I sign the Declaration of Restoration, will this affect my current benefits like SSI, Social Security, Government Pensions, Veterans Benefits, Disability Benefits, HEAT, EAT, SNAP, etc?

The short answer is no, signing will not impact or affect your current benefits.  The current FOREIGN CORPORATION masquerading as our government has been commanded to maintain all of the basics functions of government (which includes all of your benefits) until the Constitutional Government is restored.  Once we are successful at the Constitutional Convention & Court, your benefits are going to increase in a huge way.  Please read the chapter on Benefits and Retirement in the book MAP OF THIEVES.  If you have not obtained a copy of the two PDF books available from our website, you may obtain them by clicking here. These books will give you detailed answers to your questions.


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Are Mandates Constitutional?

No! Absolutely Not! The Constitution secures the blessings of Liberty (freedom of choice) to us and our posterity.  Nowhere in the Constitution is found any authority for government to infringe, prohibit or abridge our unalienable rights, freedoms and liberty. Orders, decrees, mandates and restrictions all violate the original Constitution. There is no mention of the word mandate or decree in the Constitution.

Why is the "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT" issuing and enforcing Mandates?

Because they are a FOREIGN CORPORATION. A corporation is a “body formed by “law” to act as a single person.” In other words – a corporation is like a monarchy which is a “form of government ruled by a monarch (a single person)”. Mandates are “decrees” and “orders” issued from Monarchs, Rulers, Dictators and Emperors. Mandates are repugnant to a Constitutional Republic.  This is clear cut proof that the FOREIGN CORPORATION masquerading as our government (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) believes they are a “monarchy.” They arrogantly believe they have the “so-called authority” to issues mandates, decrees, dictates and orders. They actually believe that “they” rule over us.

A Mandate is an official order to do something in a kingdom (which we are not); “Royal” mandates must be obeyed in a kingdom, but WE ARE NOT A KINGDOM! Synonyms for mandate: command, decree, dictate, order.

In a Constitutional Republic a mandate is completely unconstitutional. They do NOT have to be obeyed. A  Constitutional Republic is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It’s a self government authorized by We the People with representatives that secure our Liberty, not mandate it away. They don’t tell us what to do, we tell them what to do!

How many signatures do we need?

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How many signatures do we need on the Declaration of Restoration to hold the Constitutional Convention & Court?

Our goal is to get 170 million (2/3rds) of the Adult Citizens in the United States of America to sign the Declaration of Restoration.  But what is technically most important is to get 2/3rds of the State Legislatures to pass resolutions to call for our Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C).  Realistically, one million people – on average – in each state, actively holding peaceful assemblies, emailing, calling and demanding their state representatives to pass a resolution to call for the CC&C – will get the CC&C to happen because they must obey the will of the people.

What if my state legislators do not obey the will of the people and call for a Constitutional Convention & Court?

Demand your governor and all leadership in your state government to hold an immediate special election – known as a recall election – to be held for the purpose of removing all those in opposition to the will of the people – and actually remove them from office. The current corrupted and manipulated voting machines and methods will not be allowed, but only a verifiable system approved by We the People will be allowed to gather and tally the votes from the Citizens of each State.

Also, as a part Citizen Owner of the United States of America, please inform these representatives – that by not following the will of the people – they will be added as a Defendant in our Lawsuit – and they will be prosecuted at the Constitutional Convention & Court.

Will I lose my job as a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE?

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I am a Federal Employee, Postal Service Employee or active in the Military. Am I going to lose my job when we restore our Constitutional Government?

No. Unless you are in the top leadership of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT or a Defendant added to the Lawsuit due to Whistleblower evidence coming forth (of a serious crime being committed) against you. Millions of Federal Employees will not be fired. The following is a quote from the Lawsuit regarding Federal Employees:

“Program/Incentive: Each Participating  U.S. Federal Employee…including postal service and active military personnel (4M eligible), and including laid off employees in the last 12 months (Except Leadership, Defendants and those pronounced ineligible by the CC&C) to receive $100,000 for the following purposes (A) retain their employment  (B) assist the CC&C in the restoration and re-establishment of the Constitutional Government (C) agree to having their employment being repositioned, re-titled, re-functioned and or re-located (D) enroll and complete a 6 week (40 hours per week) re-training course (details to be solidified at the CC&C) and agree by oath to uphold and sustain the Constitution, truth, Liberty and the laws and principles as set forth in the restored Constitutional Government. Any Employee that is “laid off” or “fired” or their employment is terminated after the commencement of this complaint and lawsuit due to exposing or telling the truth, or supporting the CC&C will be eligible for this Program/Incentive and to have their employment reinstated.”

Sign the