Whistleblowers – Friends of the Original Constitution


This page was written to address the following concerns we’ve received:

– Is this for real? – Is this legitimate? –Who is Scott Workman? I’ve never heard of him and I can’t find any information on him.

This page was not written in any way, shape or form to glorify Scott. All glory goes to God and He is the reason that this movement is moving. If it wasn’t for God, this movement, Friends of the Original Constitution would not exist.

Scott does not seek the limelight or popularity, quite the contrary. He could have just hunkered down and said “I hope someone else saves our Country.” But he seeks the Liberty and the original Constitution we used to have and now are crying out to be restored. He seeks to follow God and will not bow down to criminals that have stolen our Constitutional Government.

He’s put his life, his privacy, and his fortune on the line for his God and his country, and for the world!
God is in charge of this movement; whether it succeeds or fails! God’s will be done!

This page is only to inform those who want to know why Scott has the experience and the ability to do what he sets out to do and for no other ulterior reasons.

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