Our Mission

Join our $500 Trillion Lawsuit against the FEDERAL GOVT and over 140 monopolists via our Constitutional Convention & Court. Our Mission: prosecute them, get back what they’ve stolen from us, end tyranny, re-found our government and base it on Liberty and on the Constitution, Now & Forever.


I’ve been intently watching politics for 47 years. I’ve voted in every election since I was 18 years old. There was a decade where I watched at least an hour of cable news every day. I love my country and I love Liberty and freedom and have great respect for the Founding Fathers who created a new form of government that was dedicated to preserving Liberty for their posterity. I eagerly desired and waited for the people that we had elected to represent us and make wise decisions that would be for the greater good of all of the people. But I waited in vain.

About 8-9 years ago, I become disappointed and very angry with our “government” for their pillaging and plundering of our Constitutional Government, our freedom and our Liberty. I’ve witnessed our so-called “government” descend into a massive cesspool of corruption and ever increasing tyranny and despotism. I see huge corporations getting away with monopolistic control of entire industries like health, energy, the media and our monetary system, etc. I had had enough, and could no longer stand by and watch the country I grew up in, which I thought was a free country, devolve into a dictatorship or an oligarchy.

I began a journey of discovery which led me to the truth about what the core problem is with our government and I’ve created a plan to overcome this huge problem:

The Problem: Our Government is not the Constitutional Government that the Founding Fathers established.

Our government is in fact a fraudulent FOREIGN CORPORATION which was established (starting in 1871) by evil and conspiring men who supplanted our Constitutional Government with this CORPORATION. This FOREIGN CORPORATION is masquerading as our government. You can simply detect that it is not a Constitutional Government by reading the original Constitution which grants ZERO authority to issue mandates, rescind freedom and Liberty, for any reason, except by legitimate due process of Constitutional law (only if a crime is suspected and only by oath and affirmation).

This Band of Thieves’ (who effectively own this FOREIGN CORPORATION) ultimate goal is to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries. This Band of Thieves, which I call in my writings the “Monopolists” are psychopathic genocidal wannabe dictators that love money and power more than people. They, like many dictators throughout history, (including Adolph Hitler) will do anything to obtain absolute power; even if it means that millions of people die as a result.

Wars are generally armed conflicts, with armies engaging in battles to conquer and gain control of nations by force. Today’s world war is much more sophisticated, without the initial need for armies. The war they’re waging on us today, in this country and many more, is a psyop (psychological operations) war; their most effective weapon is “Information Control.” They use fear, divisiveness and endless false narratives to control us. They have control of the main stream media and big tech and both are engaged in disinformation, censorship and controlling the narratives that you and I see, read and hear every day.

Prime example: This so-called “pandemic” A.K.A COVID-19 narrative. They’re using a simple virus; the “Coronavirus” (common cold/flu virus) and have hyped it up and into a “pandemic.” Just look at what they were (and are) able to accomplish with their campaigns of fear about the “COVID-19 virus.” People are submitting to mandates, lock-downs, shut-downs, mask mandates, vaccines and vaccine passports; all because they fear what used to be called “the common cold/flu Coronavirus.”

In the past when people got the “flu” there was some concern but most people got through it and over it when their immune system took care of this common virus. But today nobody gets the “flu.” Suddenly and magically overnight the “flu” has been eradicated? No! Nothing has changed except the narrative. They don’t call it the “flu” anymore; they call it “COVID-19” or a “Variant.” This invokes fear in people like it’s some kind of plague. If you look at the number of people dying from the “flu” going back several years, you’ll find that it’s the same general average numbers who are dying from the “COVID-19” virus. People have died since time began of the flu, colds and infections and most of those who die are because their immune systems were weakened and compromised. If you look at the numbers they claim (they’ve lied about the numbers) have died throughout the world of the “COVID-19” virus in about 16 months, it works out to be 520ths of 1% (.052). We’re removing liberty and shutting down the world because 520ths of 1% of the people are dying because of the “flu?” In comparison around 8 million die each year of cancer and this number is 1/10th of 1% (.10) of the World’s population. There is an evil agenda behind all of this and it has nothing to do with “keeping us safe” and everything to do with money and taking over the world without having to start World War III.

They’ve worked us into a frenzy about “COVID-19;” that it’s more virulent than other “viruses.” The truth is that Anthony Fauci and the Band of Thieves he works for funded “Gain of Function” research which “modified” a certain strain of Coronavirus (that infected bats) with the ability to “jump” to (infect) humans. Prior to this “modification,” this common virus did not have the ability to pass from bats to humans. But, this evil research (and development) was for profiteering and racketeering purposes: it was to enable them (Fauci and others) to apply and receive a “patent” on the “COVID-19 virus” and all resulting “variants” and all the “vaccines” created thereafter. A virus is a virus is a virus! The only thing to be in a frenzy about is that we have psychopaths like Anthony Fauci and the Band of Thieves he for works who can “legally” (in their corrupt corporation government) get away with disease exploitation and racketeering and can now profit off of everything that is associated with COVID-19; because they own the COVID-19 patent.

But you’re saying “what about science; they say that the science is settled.” Science is defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” There are still some Scientists that are honestly trying, but Most of “Science” today has become “Biostitute Science:” Scientists who misrepresent research or who commit fraud for the benefit of commercial interests or to make a personal profit. It’s also “Coercion Science” meaning many scientists are under extreme pressure to go along with the people who’ve funded them or they lose their license, their job or their funding. They either go along with “the hand(s) that feed them” or they lose their livelihoods.

The AMA (American Medical Association – a trade association) bribed, coerced, colluded and conspired with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to make it illegal to prescribe “medicine” without a license from the American Medical Association (a Private Trade Association). They’ve also made it illegal to claim a cure for anything. According to “science,” only Medical Doctors can “treat” you; nobody can “cure” you. This is effectively saying that natural elements are “quackery” and that God didn’t know what He was doing when he created our immune systems. This is anti-nature and anti-God. It’s also completely contrary to the original Constitution that guarantees our “liberty” which is freedom of choice. The American Medical Association and their Band of Conspirators are all about Disease Exploitation, Profiteering, Racketeering and Sorcery (pharmakeia) than real science!

I know from personal experience that health does not come from man-made concoctions! I’ve lived a naturopathic disease-free lifestyle for 30 years. I recognized this COVID-19 scam from day one! Toxins (which drugs and vaccines are full of) do not bring health! DNA altering/modifying recipes (COVID-19 vaccines) do nothing except alter our immune system that God designed. Vaccines are man-made concoctions that are contrary to God-designed natural healing elements as well as our immune system which He created.

We are created in God’s image: He knows best what will bring us optimum health and a disease-free life. He knew what he was doing when he created our immune system. He gave us plants, herbs and natural elements that are “whole-some.” Meaning they contain the entire (they are whole) balance of elements needed to heal you and create vibrant health. God’s advice on any subject is infinitely better than man’s advice.

Arrogant and greedy men came along and said “we know better than God what’s good for you.” They sell us Drugs, which are not wholesome. They are fract-some. They are fractionated concentrated elements. They are synthetic engineered petroleum oil based elements that are un-wholesome. This is why there are side-effects from taking drugs; because they do not contain the entire balance of elements for your body to be able to utilize them and they are toxic. Vaccines are even worse than drugs.

Cause and effect is better than science. Naturopathic methods are cause and effect i.e.: I take this herb, my disease goes away! This is cause and effect. Allopathic (Conventional Medicine) is more like Dogma (authoritative opinions that must be accepted without dissent). But it’s worse than dogma now, because they are participating in Disease Racketeering. Disease racketeering is creating a problem (turning the common cold/flu virus into a “pandemic”) and then using fear techniques to extort money to “fix” the problem that they created in the first place. And even worse than Disease Racketeering, this “COVID-19” is part of the greater plan to gain control of the world, to get us to conquer ourselves from within by way of consenting to dictator’s “mandates” because we fear for our “safety.”

People throughout the world are giving up their liberty and freedom in exchange for “safety,” because they fear a virus, a common cold/flu virus that comes along every year (since time began) in some slight “variant.” Fear is the greatest tool of wannabe dictators. But they, like Adolph Hitler, are lying to us! They are using this “tool” to get us to give up our Liberty. Adolph Hitler said “if you tell a big lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” and “it’s not truth that matters, but victory.” And this is what the fraudulent FEDERAL CORPORATION masquerading as our government is doing to us today: They are lying to us because they are engaged in a scheme to conquer the world (just like Adolph Hitler)!

This fraudulent FOREIGN CORPORATION masquerading as our government is using similar techniques on us as Hitler and the NAZI’s used in WWII. They created a “Department of Hygiene” and lied to the German people and told them that Jews spread disease and forced them into segregated ghettos to “protect” and “preserve” the health of the German population. They were forced to wear distinctive badges or signs that identified them as Jews, which created a huge divide between Jews and non-Jews; with the intent of isolating and harassing them. What was the NAZI’s final solution to “protect” the German people from the hyped up false “narrative” that they created: that the Jews were disease spreaders? The NAZI’s moved the Jews into concentration camps and exterminated millions of them.

Today, we have the “Department of Health” run by a trade association; the American Medical Association/AMA (along with the CDC and Big Pharma) who enforce their dogma upon us and act as the dictators of our health. They are segregating us with “mask mandates.” They are isolating, harassing and created a huge divide throughout the world with their shut-downs and false claims that everyone must be vaccinated to protect us! They are creating a peer pressure type of segregation between “vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated” people. They claim that all of these tyrannical impositions are done in the name of “safety” and to “protect” the people. They are declaring what is essential and what is not. They are destroying businesses and are poisoning us with their noxious potions and they are using threats and intimidation to enforce their mandates. And what is their final solution? To inject everyone with a DNA modifying recipe that has caused over 45,000 deaths and close to 500,000 injuries. And to the hundreds of millions of people that have survived “the jab” a slow progression towards a weakened immune system and or an over-charged autoimmune response that can attack the healthy organs and tissues of your body which can lead to serious diseases and eventual death. These people (MONOPOLISTS, AMA, CDC and Big Pharma) are just like the NAZI’s of WWII with their genocidal de-population (get rid of those “disease spreaders”) plans to conquer and rule the world.

Just like the NAZI’s of WWII, these Departments of Health are liars and psychopaths! Viruses do not spread disease! People are not dying from the COVID-19 “virus,” they are dying from compromised immune systems full of toxic overload due to many factors that I expand upon in my books: Map of Thieves and The Trojan Virus. Viruses have been around since the dawn of time. We have trillions around us all the time and trillions more inside our bodies all the time. This is not a “pandemic,” its life on a world full of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms that play a role in God’s perfect balance of nature. A healthy immune system, designed by God, will take care of a virus with ease, and will keep us dis-ease free our entire life. On the contrary, filling our bodies with unnatural chemicals and noxious potions will drag our immune systems down to the point that it cannot do its basic function of eliminating foreign invaders, such as a common cold/flu virus invader like the “Coronavirus.”

“Safety” does not come from a corrupt fraudulent government or their “Department of Health.” Safety does not come from giving up your rights, freedoms and Liberty! The exact opposite is true as proven throughout history time and again. Liberty is the only foundation that a free society can be built upon! Do we have freedom of choice right now? No! Just like the Jews in Germany during the NAZI reign of tyranny, we are rapidly losing our freedom of choice and eventually those who do not accept their noxious potions will be forced to take them. Does any of this sound like what you would expect from a Constitutional Government? NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s what you would expect from a DICTATORSHIP!

And just like all “police states” and DICTATORSHIPS they are demanding “Your Papers Please” (i.e.: your proof of vaccination) or they demand “You must wear a Badge” (i.e.: You must wear a mask). All police states of any era are run by psychopaths. Traits of psychopaths: liars, do not feel remorse or guilt, cunning, sneaky, covert, genocidal, ruthless, power hungry, manipulative, do not feel that the law applies to them, always looking to emotionally abuse and cause injury, they are devoid of emotions and love, they look at others as toys, they love to control and dominate, they think that their actions are in the best interest of those they are controlling, they love to be worshipped and are self-centered and put themselves in a different superior class than everyone else, they are arrogant and they love to fool people.

This is why I continue to repeat “this so-called “government” is NOT the Constitutional Government that the Founding Fathers established in 1787.” It is a fraudulent FOREIGN CORPORATION that is masquerading as our government and is in fact a tyrannical dictatorship wolf in sheep’s clothing criminal organization run by a psychopathic despotic Band of Thieves! Their actions over the last 150 years prove this fact. Their accelerated tyrannical and despotic actions over the last year or so prove this fact.

Why has nothing changed for the better? Why has no movement gotten anywhere with a solution to fix this huge gargantuan problem?

Because up until now, we’ve been playing in their ballpark, by their rules: That’s the problem! Their ballpark = their rules! That’s why nothing has changed and why no movement has gotten anywhere; until now! Because when you play by their rules – You are not standing in a constitutional ballpark or jurisdiction. What Friends of the Original Constitution has done is expose their fraudulent ballpark and revoked their authority and jurisdiction. We’ve declared that we are restoring the original ballpark – where We the People are its rightful authority! They must now play in our ballpark; by our rules! They are now under our authority and our jurisdiction. We the People can do whatever we agree to do at the Constitutional Convention & Court and your signature (as a US Citizen) on the Declaration of Restoration – authorizes it!

What is the general outline of the plan to fix this huge problem?

  • You can read the full plan which is contained in the Books: Map of Thieves and The Trojan Virus and the Complaint/Lawsuit. All are available on this website. This plan is 8 years in the making.

  • I’ve written a Declaration of Restoration to be signed by millions of US Citizens, which is our authorization to call for and hold a Constitutional Convention & Court where we will restore our Constitutional Government. It authorizes the interim Constitutional Government and it authorizes the prosecution of all the defendants in our lawsuit.

  • We have exposed the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT as a fraudulent government. They are in fact a FOREIGN CORPORATION that is masquerading as our government. We have revoked all of our signatures on any contracts with them, thus removing their jurisdiction over us. Friends of the Original Constitution is the interim Constitutional Government authorized by We the People’s signatures of the Declaration of Restoration.

  • We are going to incentivize scientists throughout the world, with billions of dollars, to develop a reversing agent for the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • We are going to restore our freedom, our Liberty, our money, our health, our Constitution and our Constitutional Government.

  • We are going to remove all leadership from the fraudulent FEDERAL CORPORATION masquerading as our government.

  • We are going to remove the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and transfer all of its assets to a Citizen owned Central Bank which will fund everything we are going to do as listed in the Books: Map of Thieves and The Trojan Virus and the Complaint/Lawsuit.

  • We are going to amend the restored Constitution so that thievery, corruption and despotism will never again be allowed to enter into our Constitutional Republic.

  • When we get enough signatures on the Declaration of Restoration, We the People will require the States to pass resolutions to hold a Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C).

  • We are planning on holding the CC&C in New Liberty, PC (See Page 167 MAP OF THIEVES for details) near Salt Lake City, Utah. The specific location to be determined later on in our movement.

  • Once the work at the CC&C is completed, the States will be required by We the People to ratify it; then it becomes the permanent Law of the Land.

  • Once that happens, all of the promised incentives including trillions of dollars will be allocated to the people to turn this economy around and end this madness forever! A new era of Liberty will prevail throughout this country and incentives will be decided upon and allocated to the Citizen groups of other countries to follow the plan that led us to a Restored Constitutional Republic; so that they may also enjoy the freedom and liberty that we will have taken back and fully restored.