December 10th 2021 Newsletter

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December 10th, 2021 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

We knew that it was only a matter of time: another government controlled puppet financial company wants to silence us. PayPal has terminated our account and has placed a 6 month hold on the money (some of your donations) that we still had in our account there. I asked the PayPal representative I spoke with “why are you doing this?” Their reply was “only our legal department can answer your question.” I said “Okay, put me through to your legal department.” They said “the only way to communicate with them is by mail.” (snail mail)

This will be the 2nd Credit Card “Processing” Company that has canceled our account. That’s a grand total now of 4 “financial companies” (including banks) that have canceled us, and none of them have ever given us a clear cut explanation about why; only Elavon gave us the “we’re not comfortable doing business with you” answer.

We are living proof that the cancel culture is using our world’s financial system against us – and silencing anyone who wants to fix their corrupt system. This is going on with many patriot groups and individuals throughout the world. Its proof they are afraid of this movement and believe that it will succeed and they’re trying hard to stop you from believing in it as well. It’s proof that we’re onto the truth about them and are on the correct path with our Declaration of Restoration and our Constitutional Convention & Court.

I did a search for PayPal reviews and the following is one site I came across that had over 20,000 reviews. 86% of these reviews have rated PayPal with a “Bad” rating.

If you donated to FOTOC through PayPal, we ask you to login to your account at PayPal and demand that they release your donation to us or you will file a complaint against them with the Attorney General’s office in your State.

We’ve seen in the last couple of years a hard and frantic push to move the entire world into a “Social Credit Score” system where you won’t be able to buy or sell without permission from this system. Every aspect of your life will be micro-managed and depending upon your level of obedience to them – will determine what they’ll allow you to buy, sell, say and do – or where they’ll allow you to travel, etc. I’m not exactly sure how they will implement it – but I suspect they’re already implementing it with the vaccine – using graphene to link people to the cloud. Then, 5G will act as the transmitter and receiver and the manager of your data, your score and your permissions ie: what you’ll be “allowed” to do.

We are working hard to stop this and provide an escape from the tyranny that we are all experiencing. We are working hard to restore our Freedom, our Liberty and the Constitution – which the Founders wrote to guarantee all of these – for us and for our posterity.


There are still many people that need to hear about FOTOC’s mission to restore Liberty, the Constitution and the Constitutional Government and to remove the MONOPOLISTS’ that are plaguing our world with tyranny, oppression and inching us towards their end goal of total control. We have launched a marketing campaign to help many to hear our message who have yet to hear it.

We ask you to share this video link with 7 to 10 or more of your family, friends and acquaintances. Please encourage them to watch this 1.38 minute video. Hopefully it will inspire them to watch the 17 minute video that you’ve watched that explains in more detail what
FOTOC is all about and how their signature on the Declaration of Restoration will authorize the Constitutional Convention & Court and how we can obtain our end goal of Liberty and Freedom and our Constitutional Government restored.

If just 4 of the people you share this link with, watches the video and signs the Declaration of Restoration, it will increase our signatures by hundreds of thousands and increases the influence of this movement to achieve our goal.


Enter to win an original 1967-69
restored Chevrolet Camaro like this
one and $10,000 Cash ($60,000 Value)!

Like this Camaro, which has been restored from disrepair and its once
degenerate condition; our Liberty, the Constitution and our
Constitutional Government can be restored from disrepair and its
current degenerate condition.
Find out how your signature (as a Citizen of the USA) on the Declaration
of Restoration, authorizes this full restoration.

Submit an Entry for a Chance to Win!


Thank you for your support! Your donations to FOTOC and your signatures on the Declaration of Restoration are moving this movement closer to our end goal of restoring our Constitution and our Constitutional Government and removing the FOREIGN CORPORATION that is masquerading as our government!

In the end, the Beast and their system will fail, it’s been prophesied by John in the Book of Revelation. We just have to do our part and stay faithful and united in this cause of Liberty. Have no fear, God will grant us Success!

Scott Workman