January 27th 2022 Newsletter

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January 27th 2022 Newsletter

Hello Friends,
We welcome 2022. FOTOC has many amazing plans in the works for you, for this country and for the benefit of the entire world. FOTOC is the catalyst and the movement that spells the beginning of the end of the winter of darkness and tyranny of the MONOPOLISTS and their puppet Foreign Corporation that is masquerading as our government.
One of those plans we’ve talked about in the last few Newsletters is the roll out of our new website and social media platform. We were delayed due to several issues we’ve brought up before, but the good news is that we are rolling out the new website and social media platform on Wednesday morning February 2nd, 2022 – on “Groundhog Day.”

We predict that “Punxsutawney Phil” the Groundhog will predict that the “winter” of the MONOPOLIST and their tyranny will come to an end.

We’ve upgraded our old clunker website and social media platform to a sporty modern marvel/high-tech website and social media platform.
We’ve added preventative measures against being shut down by the cancel culture. Many of you have experienced firsthand what it’s like to be cancelled for telling the truth; for having an opinion that is opposite of the mainstream media and Big Tech. We’ve built this Social Media Platform because of the huge demand for serious competition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
There is an urgent need for a Social Media Platform that doesn’t kowtow to tyrants and the cancel culture – but one that spreads the message of freedom, liberty and the Declaration of Restoration throughout the world. Our new platform will give you a lot more capabilities and a better way to share your decent content with the community. This is a free speech platform, but with any decent society there are rules. There are certain things that we won’t tolerate: for example pornography, the depiction of heinous acts or the incitement of riots or violence, illegal or unlawful activities or activities that violate any of our Terms of Service. (For a more extensive list see our Terms of Service)

If you have signed the Declaration of Restoration, there is no need to re-sign it. The Signature data will be transferred over to our secure database. But on the new social media platform side – there is no viable way for us to transfer your posts, messages, and uploads in a cohesive way. It’s kind of like the picture above – trying to transfer the old clunker’s technology over to the high-tech modern marvel is just not going to be a good experience all around for any of us.
This change will happen on Wednesday morning February 2nd 2022, and could take up to 36 hours to complete. The site will be down for up to 36 hours. If there are any comments, images, photos or messages that you would like to save from our current social media side of our website, please do that now – or before Wednesday February 2nd 2022. Once the old site is down and the transfer to our new site is in process, they will no longer be accessible.

Once the site is up and running we will send out an email to you notifying that it is ready to use. We ask all of our social media platform users to re-register for a new social media account. We apologize for any inconvenience in this transition period – but assure you that you will enjoy this new upgraded social media platform and believe you will soon forget about the old clunker.

Our Website address will stay the same: and you can access the social media platform from the links at the top of this new web page.

Or you can access/register your new account directly here (after the new site is up and working): 
It’s been prophesied by John in the Book of Revelation that the Beast (Modern day Babylon) and their corrupt financial system will fail. God is preparing a better way and an escape for His faithful people so that we will be able to “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers”.
Stay faithful and united in this cause of Liberty and God will grant us Success!
Scott Workman