February 18th 2022 Newsletter

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The Government based on the Constitution. Now and Forever!

Hello Friends,

Great news! The first credit card processing company (Elavon) that had frozen a small portion of our funds (for 5 months) has now released those funds! Thanks to all of you who contacted them as well as your Attorney General. Your efforts helped make this happen.

The MONOPOLISTS, who used to hide in secrecy, are now becoming visible to the world. Their so-called pandemic has exposed their NWO agenda and the lengths they are willing to go to achieve total control over all of our lives. Even with the mainstream media on their side, it’s becoming difficult for them to hide, especially when many patriots have come forth to tell their story of being cancelled by Big Tech Platforms, banks, credit card companies or they’ve had their livelihoods ruined or the accessibility to their money frozen.

Prime example: You’re probably aware of the Freedom Convoy (in Canada) and their financial problems, starting with GoFundMe. The Freedom Convoy had raised $10 million in donations. Only $1 million had been released to them and then GoFundMe froze the other $9 million. There are a few US states that have opened fraud investigation against GoFundMe, which caused GoFundMe to state they are going to refund the $9 million back to the donors.

Then, the Freedom Convoy raised over $8 Million on GiveSendGo, a competitor to GoFundMe. Just when they thought things were turning around for them, an Ontario Canadian court froze the Freedom Convoy’s access to the $8 Million in donations. A spokesperson for GiveSendGo said “Canada has absolutely ZERO jurisdiction over how we manage our funds here at GiveSendGo,” and yet the Canadian “government” believes that they do have the “authority” over the people’s right to buy and sell, or to whom they choose to donate.

And then, adding insult to injury, the Toronto-Dominion Bank said that it had frozen accounts holding about $1.4 million donated to the Freedom Convoy. The world is paying attention – and they’re awakening to the reality that MONOPOLIST’S own the Banks, the Courts and the Governments of every country in this world.

And here’s the icing on the cake to prove that criminals are in charge of most of the governments of this world: Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have raised over $1M to help the Freedom Convoy survive the egregious assault on their ability to buy and sell.

You would think that decentralized crypto currency would be the answer to their financial problems, right?

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau however, puppet of the MONOPOLISTS, has other plans: he invoked his country’s Emergency Act with the intent to label the Freedom Convoy “money-launderers and terrorists” so that they can go after all forms of transactions, including crypto currencies. The Canadian so-called government is overriding the people’s will and has stopped their flow of funds three different ways now – even the crypto currency exchanges which are supposed to be “decentralized” and uncontrollable by governments.

According to Reclaim The Net: “Canada orders firms to freeze assets of anyone who “indirectly” engages in Freedom Convoy protests…the Canadian government announced drastic plans to freeze the bank accounts of protesters associated with the Freedom Convoy…the government document…reveals that the financial restrictions will extend far beyond bank accounts and can be used to target anyone who’s deemed to have “indirectly” engaged in the protests…to a wide range of entities including banks, fundraising platforms, insurance companies, investment firms, loan companies, securities dealers, credit unions, and fraternal benefit societies. It requires these entities to determine whether they’re dealing with a “designated person” which is defined as “any individual or entity that is engaged, directly or indirectly” in prohibited activities under the Emergencies Act.”

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Can you see the prophesied events unfolding right before your eyes that John the Revelator wrote about almost 2000 years ago? A financial beast (FEDERAL RESERVE system) throughout the entire world and so powerful that people would not be able to buy or sell without this system. And the rulers of this financial beast would boast and say “Who is like unto us? Who is able to make war with us?” In other words they would boast in their ability to overcome people; to prevent them from buying and selling without their system. To “cancel” and “control” and to financially destroy anyone that tried to go against them.

FOTOC knows exactly how the Freedom Convoy feels right now. We’ve been canceled several times and have had a large chunk of our money frozen. FOTOC is working hard on a solution to get us to our end goal of holding Constitutional Convention & Court, to stop this tyrannical system. This takes time and resources and your continued support. We ask you to stop using the beast’s social media platforms and use our new Social Media Platform.

When the time comes, we will ask you to use our financial system (your financial system). Recently we’ve witnessed Facebook lose $232 Billion in value. People are tired of tyranny and the cancel culture and the MONOPOLIST’S agenda. By your stopping your use of the Monopolist’s services – you are chipping away at the Beast’s power and their ability to control We the People.

We are still dealing with the second Credit Card processor (PayPal) that is holding some of your donations which were meant to be given to FOTOC. We ask you to call or email PayPal and let them know how you feel about them holding your donations and let them know that you will be contacting your Attorney General’s office to ask them to start a fraud investigation against PayPal if they don’t release those funds to Friends of the Original Constitution.

These companies have no right to hold the funds that you have given to us. These funds are what we use to move this movement forward to the end goal of holding a Constitutional Convention & Court; to restore our freedom, our liberty, our health, our money and our Constitutional Government.