November 22nd 2021 Newsletter

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The Government based on the Constitution. Now and Forever!

Hello Friends,

In our last newsletter, I mentioned that we were going through the refiner’s fire with banks and processing companies cancelling us. We’re past that now and have established relationships with a
credit union and a credit card processing company.

We’ve had a few comments saying “nothing is happening” with this movement. On the contrary, we are hot on it and building the foundation – that has to be built – to handle the hundreds of millions of people – if not billions throughout the world that will be using our platform and becoming a part of this movement.

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and I’m grateful to God for the opposition we’ve encountered because it has caused me to find solutions and different pathways that I never would have considered if it wasn’t for the stumbling blocks put in our pathway. We the People need solutions and we need them now and FOTOC is hard at work building these solutions! I recently have had some amazing thoughts and information given to me by the Holy Spirit. God is ultimately orchestrating our deliverance from the tyranny and oppression that we are currently experiencing from the MONOPOLISTS that are pulling the strings of the corporation that is masquerading as our government.

In our 17 minute Video I say “we are not going to play in their ballpark, by their rules anymore.” FOTOC is hard at work building the foundation outside of their ballpark – so that We the people will no longer be subject to being canceled for exercising our unalienable rights. We are in the middle of building a cancel proof website and social media platform so that we can exercise our God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech and Liberty; where we have the ability to communicate with each other on a worldwide basis.

We have been a bit delayed on the roll out of our new website and social media platform due to our bank and credit card processing “cancellation issues.” For now, these issues are remedied and we are back on track to building this movement. The new website and social media platform are now estimated to be completed and swapped out in about 3 weeks.

After the new upgraded website and social media platform are up and running, we will turn our attention to the solution for another huge area of concern for We the People: Not being able to buy or sell without the money of the beast. There is a solution for this problem.

Friends of the Original Constitution is a movement of action. We are not talking heads that talk and talk and talk and never get anything accomplished. We are moving as quickly as we can to develop a noncancellable free speech platform and financial system outside of their “ballpark.”


Our 60 billboards have been up for a few weeks now and are making a stir. The Salt lake Tribune has published a hit piece on us and the messages of our billboards. The following is my response to the
reporter – which I’ve sent to his editor.

—————————————————— Beginning —————————————————————-

To Bryan Schott,

Here’s our response to your “Hit Piece” on our Billboards and Friends of the Original Constitution. In case you’re too lazy or too ignorant to understand what a hit piece is – here’s the Free Dictionary
definition you can read for yourself: “hit piece – A very critical attack on someone or something, especially through media outlets. Often includes information that is biased, misleading, or completely

The mainstream media has become nothing but a propaganda outlet for those who own them, namely the AMA, the CDC, the pharmaceutical industry, the cancel culture and the corporation that is
masquerading as our government.

In case you don’t know what the word “propaganda” means – here is the Cambridge definition: “information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people’s opinions.”

See our [comments] in italics and in brackets below next to the excerpts from your hit piece. By the way, the accent color we’ve chosen to denote where we stand politically is purple – which denotes “independent” not “far-left” and not “far-right.” We represent the independent center (the majority) who’s had enough of the tyranny of an oppressive so-called government and their puppet propaganda pushers (the Main Stream Media (MSM) and large internet platforms). We represent the 50% (at least – more like 75%) of the people who want their Liberty, their Freedom and their Constitutional Government restored! We the People, the majority of the people in this country, are sick and tired of not having their voices heard and of being cancelled by the “owned” puppets in the MSM like you! They are sick and tired of the tyranny being promoted by you and the pushing of endless false narratives designed to take away our Liberty. In case you don’t know what Liberty is – it’s “freedom of choice.”


[Search Engine Headline]: A far-right group is behind an anti-mandate billboard in Ogden [Typical of the Main Stream Media to Label anything that doesn’t go along with their narratives and their biased,
misleading propaganda. If we were to label the Mainstream Media we would call them “anti-liberty” or the “far-wrong media” or the “far-bought-off media.” FYI: the Constitution is “anti-mandate.” The
Constitution was ordained by We the People to “Secure the blessings of Liberty” and mandates take away our individual Liberty. There is ZERO authority given in the Constitution to anyone for any reason to take away people’s Liberty (except by due process as spelled out in the Constitution) or to issue decrees, executive orders or mandates]

The Salt Lake Tribune
By Bryan Schott
Nov. 5, 2021

An anti-mandate billboard in Ogden has some Utah conservatives cheering. ‘Friends of the original constitution’ believe the U.S. became a foreign-owned corporation in 1871 and have filed a $500 trillion
lawsuit against the government. [We are not “filing” anything in the so-called government courts – we’re organizing a Constitutional Convention & Court to try the Defendants listed in the Complaint/Lawsuit]

Evidently, they did not visit the website of Friends of the Original Constitution, the group responsible for the billboard. [Evidently, you visited our website and got just enough information to do this hit-piece –but not enough to accurately represent our information in an unbiased way]

If they had, they would realize that organization is a fringe group that adheres to the conspiracy theory that the 1871 Act of Congress creating Washington, D.C., turned the United States into a foreign-owned corporation… [Fringe Group? Another propaganda label with the intent to influence the reader’s opinion. Another label we could “assign” to the MSM: a “corrupt” group “owned” and “used” as the puppet arm of the actual conspiracy to overthrow We the People’s Liberty and freedom. This is not a “conspiracy theory” it’s a “conspiracy fact” well documented in all of the information that is available from Friends of the Original Constitution’s website.]

It’s also an offshoot of the sovereign citizen movement. whose members claim the United States government is illegitimate. [False – we’re not an offshoot of anything – we’re doing exactly what James Madison did in 1787 – we’re calling for a Constitutional Convention. We are going to restore our Constitutional Government which has been stolen by a Band of Thieves (criminals and conspirators) who want to rule over us like Kings. If you actually read the Constitution – you would understand that this is not a theory – but a conspiracy fact]

Friends of the Original Constitution urges visitors to the site to join its $500 trillion lawsuit against the federal government. When that’s successful, the group plans to wave billions of dollars at scientists worldwide to incentivize them to create a “reversing agent for the COVID-19 vaccine.” [True, and take all the money (hundreds of $billions) away from the racketeer’s who have created a problem – for the very purpose of extorting money from people to “fix” the problem that they created in the first place. We the People are going to give that money back to the hundreds of thousands of people injured and to the immediate family members of those who’ve died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine]

They promise every adult American who signs on to the lawsuit will receive $100,000. Sixty million small businesses will each get $200,000. You can see the complete list of payouts here. [Half truth: Only upon the success of the Constitutional Convention & Court and the ratification of all that is proposed on the Declaration of Restoration will the incentives be allocated to the people]

FOTOC’s closing comments:

You didn’t even bother to contact us to ask us questions. You don’t seem at all interested in the truth. It appears that you are more interested in pushing the agenda of those that are destroying this country. I dare you to write an article that is outside of the “what I can talk about” parameters given to you as a “reporter” by those that “own” the Salt Lake Tribune and witness for yourself how long you keep your
job. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” James Madison said, “The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.”

You, the mainstream media, are conspiring with MONOPOLISTS (thieves) in pushing their propaganda of fear upon We the People. You’re conning people into giving up their essential Liberty which is guaranteed by the Constitution – in exchange for a “so-called” defence against the pretense of a “foreign danger” ie: the common flu virus / COVID-19 / Coronavirus ID-19. You’re conspiring with racketeers whose agenda is to extort hundreds of billions of dollars from people to purchase their “patented” Vaccines to protect them against the virus they’ve “patented” in the first place (which is conspiracy, racketeering and criminal behavior) – and force people (tyranny) against their Liberty (mandates) to gain control of all the people of the world; to satisfy their lust for money and power.

You have the choice to do the right thing – to tell the truth. The Founding Fathers warned us against people like the wannabe dictators and monarchs you currently work for. We the People collectively hold all the authority in this country. We are going to hold a Constitutional Convention & Court. It’s been declared in the Declaration of Restoration. Thousands are signing it and millions more will eventually. You have a choice. You can stay on the side of the wannabe dictators and monarchs you currently work for (and be added as defendants in our Lawsuit) or you can declare the truth and join We the People’s movement to restore our Constitutional Government and the Constitution, which has been stolen by this Band of Thieves. You can choose to participate in the restoration of our freedom, our Liberty, our money, our health and our Constitutional Government.

You have the Liberty to choose right now what you want to do: to continue down the road of tyranny and dictatorship and lose all your Liberty or you can follow and support We the People who’ve signed the Declaration of Restoration to restore our Liberty, our freedom and our Constitutional Government – and help us re-secure the blessing of Liberty for us and our posterity forever!

Scott Workman
Friends of the Original Constitution

———————————————————- End ———————————————————

We have a lot more to share with you. I will try to do another newsletter and send it out after the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

Thank you for your support! Please know that God’s hand is in this movement. I feel the influence of His
Holy Spirit daily!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

If we are faithful and united in this cause of Liberty, God will grant us Success!

Scott Workman