October 7th 2021 Newsletter

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The Government based on the Constitution. Now and Forever!

Hello Friends,

Sorry for the long pause between updates. We’ve been bogged down in combating the cancel culture that does not want this movement to succeed. But even though we’ve experienced huge obstacles we are making great progress. I liken it to the refiner’s fire: the more they pound on us –

– the stronger we become and one day – the truth – which is like a two-edged sword will cut down their lies – and in the end – We the People will triumph. We will restore our Constitution and our Constitutional Government. We will hold our Constitutional Convention & Court.

In two weeks, we are launching an online marketing campaign aimed at getting in front of millions of people. We are building a brand new website and social media platform that will someday rival current “top” platforms. This platform/site should be completed and swapped out (our current platform/site) in about four weeks. We are building this social media platform to communicate with everyone in this country, especially prior to, during and after we hold the Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C). The restored Constitutional Government will need to have a way to communicate with We the People and this will be in place when that day comes.
As the time gets closer to the States to vote for Delegates to send to the CC&C, we will be working with you to determine a secure, encrypted and un-corruptible voting system, as the current voting system is directly opposite of that.

In two weeks our billboard campaign with 60 billboards in the intermountain area of Utah – will be installed and displayed. After this, we’ll be spreading this billboard campaign to other States in the west and then moving eastward from coast to coast. Here are two examples of these coming billboards.



We have had a second bank cancel our bank account. The reason given was to refer us to a page in their agreement that states “we may terminate all or part of this Agreement and your use of any or all…Services for any reason and at any time with or without prior notice.” Sounds
to me more like “we don’t like what you’re doing; that you’re actually working to remove the widespread corruption and restore Liberty and the Constitution.” It very much sounds like to me, that this bank is a part of the cancel culture problem and does not want to be a part of the We the People’s solution.

We are experiencing firsthand what other Patriot movements have experienced. In my book MAP OF THIEVES, I talk about not being able to buy or sell without the money of the beast. This is frustrating to say the least, but God wants We the People to be Free and to restore our Liberty and our Constitutional Government. I’ve seen many doors close, then to have many doors open up for us. God will give us the solution to get past any obstacles that are put in our paths.

I had a fellow patriot email me and remind me of this scripture: “Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.” He asked me “How is your moral?” I said “It’s good. God is on our side…I don’t have to worry, because our destiny is in His hands.

We will succeed because God is on our side; He’s given us our freedom. Tyrants are in opposition to God; they want money and power; they want to take away our Liberty and our freedom. Right now, We the People are experiencing great opposition from tyrants and wannabe dictators. When Moses and the Children of Israel were up against a wall of water in
front of them and Pharaoh’s army coming up behind them – God parted the Red Sea, removed the opposition and delivered them; which is how I envision He will deliver us in our day. He may
not use water this time to deliver us; I believe it will be by the consequences that John the Revelator talks about in the Book of Revelation.

The good news is that we’ve found a Credit Card processing company that is patriot friendly and not a part of the cancel culture. We’ve also found a Credit Union that told me that they have never cancelled an account for political reasons. It’s taken a few weeks and many phone calls with the top leadership of these companies to ensure that they fully check us out – before opening our account. I told them “we do not want to be opened up and then afterwards be
cancelled because they don’t like what we’re doing and we don’t want to do business with any companies that are a part of the cancel culture.”

If you know of a Bank that is Patriot friendly and not part of the cancel culture, please email us with your suggestions after talking with the Bank President. If they’ll check us out first, and want to do business with us, and will “have our backs” and will not kowtow to the “cancel culture” then we would like to do business with them. We no longer want to keep “all our eggs in one basket” but have many ways of being able to buy and sell – until we hold the CC&C and
create our Citizen owned Central Bank.

Thank you for your support,

If we are faithful and united in this cause of Liberty, God will grant us Success!

Scott Workman