September 8th 2021 Newsletter

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The Government based on the Constitution. Now and Forever!

Hello Friends,

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last newsletter. We’ve been working hard on building the foundation of this movement to handle the millions of people that will be signing the Declaration of Restoration and joining this movement to end the current tyranny and restore our Constitutional Government.

We need your help today. Our movement, as expected, is stirring up a hornet’s nest of opposition. There are powerful forces that seek to hedge up our way. The FEDERAL RESERVE is one of the biggest forces that we all deal with on a daily basis. It is very difficult to buy or sell without the “Money” of the “FEDERAL RESERVE” Beast.

The first bank that we were doing business with has cancelled our business account for unspecified reasons. This to me is code language that they don’t like what we’re doing. The second bank, for now, seems to be working with us. We’ll keep you posted.

PayPal was holding most of our funds for weeks and finally “allowed” us to transfer about 1/3rd of those funds to our second bank. They seem to be working with us for now. We’ll keep you posted.

A few weeks ago, we got set up with a new credit card processing Company: Elavon. After about 9 days of receiving donations/transactions we received the following email:

“Your account triggered for a brief security review. After internal review, Elavon has decided to exit the business relationship effective September 1, 2021. You will still be able to process until then but all incoming batches and processed batches have been placed in our security reserve for a minimum of 90 business days and then will be
released after review as Elavon does not feel comfortable processing for your business.”

This has all the appearance of being politically motivated. They don’t feel “comfortable” with doing business with
us? Why? Because we are a patriot movement that is actually going to fix the massive corruption problem, and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT/FEDERAL RESERVE’S agenda of money and power???

What gives Elavon the right to hold the money that you (at least some of you) donated to our Movement? This is out and out political pandering, “social credit score” discrimination and theft.

Please help us by making your voices heard: Please call Elavon at 800-725-1243 and lodge a complaint against them; let them know how you feel about them holding the funds that you donated. Suggested dialogue:

1. I demand that you release the funds that I donated to Friends of the Original Constitution.

2. If you don’t give those funds to them immediately, I give my consent for Friends of the Original Constitution to add you; Elavon, as a defendant in We the People’s $500 trillion lawsuit.

3. If you don’t give those funds to them immediately, I will call all of the people I know that have a merchant account with Elavon and have them switch to a payment processing company that will work with patriot movements; that uphold Liberty and the Constitutional Government and are not a part of the Cancel Culture that is destroying our country.

4. If you don’t give those funds to them immediately, I will report Elavon as having stolen my donation.

We the People are not going to allow our voices and this Movement to be cancelled! We are moving forward with holding a Constitutional Convention and Court, to remove the tyranny and restore our Liberty and the Original Constitution! We the People will not be cancelled by thieves and liars that have stolen our Constitutional Government! We the People own this country and we will not allow these criminals to cancel us!

I have another suggestion for you to consider: To start doing some of your business and transactions with crypto currency like Bitcoin. It’s one of the only ways to buy and sell outside of THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. If there comes a day when they really try to broadly cancel We the People and this movement; to cancel our ability to buy and sell; crypto currency is a way to continue to buy and sell without the FEDERAL RESERVE’S permission. It’s a way to buy and sell until we hold the Constitutional Convention & Court and create our Citizen owned Central Bank.

Here’s a crypto currency exchange that was recommended to us that we are in the process of using:

FAQ: I’ve heard bad things about crypto currency.

Answer: You’ve heard that from the FEDERAL RESERVE and their co-conspirators. They don’t want you buying or selling outside of their system that they control 100%. Crypto currency is de-centralized and encrypted. This means that NOBODY has control over how you receive and spend your money and NOBODY has the ability to know, except the person that you are paying or that you are receiving money from.

Thank you for your support,

If we are faithful and united in this cause of Liberty, God will grant us Success!

Scott Workman