March 21th 2023 Newsletter

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Apology and BIG NEWS!

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I need to apologize to you. It’s been 4 ½ months since we’ve sent you a newsletter to let you know what’s going on with this movement. Due to many obstacles, setbacks and struggles – I kept putting off sending out this newsletter – because I wanted to give you something very positive and very tangible – that you could see for yourself – which would show you the progress we’re making. This is my only excuse. I’m sorry for not keeping you in the loop. Please forgive me.

Today, I’m including a link to a video with something tangible – which reveals the BIG NEWS: the huge solution we’re working on – and are close to completing.

Here’s the link to the Video: Failing Banks…Embrace YOUR Financial Freedom NOW!

What I reveal in this video will empower ALL OF US out of this tyrannical mess we are in right now. We are very close to completing this solution – which will fulfill several major goals and promises which Friends of the Original Constitution (FOTOC) made to you in the beginning of this movement – after we were successful.

But, I need your help today. Because the Truth and FOTOC are being heavily suppressed on Google, YouTube, Facebook, the MSM and other media platforms; we need a powerful organic grass roots way to get our message in front of tens of millions of people (at least). The following are 3 ways I’m asking you to help us achieve the spreading of this solution to the world:

  1. Please send this newsletter to at least 10 people you know – to help us organically spread the news about this HUGE solution. If each of you send this newsletter to at least 10+ people – that will be nearly 1 million people that will get this news. Please ask your 10+ people to share it with 10 people they know – and then very quickly – this will help us get our next newsletter in front of tens of millions of people.
  2. In addition, please send this newsletter to 10 top podcasters and ask them to watch the video and to reach out to us. We need to get onto as many podcaster shows as possible. This HUGE news needs to get in front of billions of people on this earth – and many podcasters have millions of viewers.
  3. On Social Media Platforms – please Like, share and comment on this video -– there are several listed on the footer of our website.

This is how We the People can beat Big Tech and the MSM at their cancel culture and censorship game. This HUGE solution is a positive game changer for everyone in the entire world (except for the CORPORATION masquerading as our GOVT and over 140 MONOPOLISTS).

Take care and God bless you,

Scott David Workman


PS: I’ve been prompted to add the following to the video due to several Bank failures over the last few days:

If you as an individual or your business has lost money – or your business went out of business for any hardship reason: Bank failures, the 2020 lock downs; the “so-called pandemic,” or your corrupt “so-called” government – a HUGE solution is revealed in the video: how your funds can be restored.


PSS: We’re having major issues with YouTube (SURPRISE). Please use our other channels for now.