July 6th 2022 Newsletter

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Anniversary of the Declaration of Restoration

Hello Friends,

There are certain events, writings and inventions that dramatically affect our lives which have been obscured, lost or intentionally twisted or repackaged so that many do not know how they came to be; why they were invented, and what the original intent was in creating them. 

Here are three to consider:

The 4th of July “Holiday”:

Original Intent: The day the Continental Congress – representing the 13 Colonies – formally adopted the Declaration of Independence – supported by the list of grievances against King George and England’s monarchical and tyrannical rule. It declared their intent to free themselves from “the long train of abuses and usurpations…(and) absolute Despotism…(and) their right…their duty, to throw off such Government.”

Many today believe that the 4th of July is just a holiday; a day off from work or to watch fireworks. Many do not fully understanding that 246 years ago the people of the colonies were fed up with mandates, orders, restrictions, tyranny and oppression and they decided to free themselves from England. They literally declared themselves “independent” and that their country was no longer going to be ruled by the monarchical government of England. Many gave their lives and put their sacred honor on the line to gain their freedom!

The Nobel Peace Prize:

Original Intent: Albert Nobel made a type of dynamite that was most useful to move impediments such as boulders that were overburdening mining operations.  His hope was that his creation would find many areas of use for mankind and make a profit from his work. The dynamite was a success but very quickly there were those who exploited its power and they made highly efficient weaponry that has caused a great deal of destruction and death.

For some it’s merely history, but for Albert Nobel, it was a legacy he did not want.  The taking of life and property was weighing too heavily upon his mind.  Nobel felt incredible angst over the unintended use of his original tool. To his credit, he funded a foundation bearing his name.

The Nobel Peace Prize is something most people recognize without knowing its origins.  Nobel wanted to use the money from his invention to fund peaceful and worthy goaled actions, discoveries and inventions to promote mankind – not to destroy it.


Dr Robert Malone was compelled to research and develop DNA functions via mRNA manipulation.  Dr Malone was hopeful that this research was for discovery and possible uses to benefit mankind as a first step toward replacement therapies for DNA failures in the body. 

Dr Malone is now speaking out against the current use of mRNA in today’s vaccines.  It’s not a matter of can it be used, but should it be used the way it’s currently being used.  We only need to view his current interviews to understand his disdain with the untested early use or misuse of the MRNA technology. It says something huge when the internationally recognized Chief Architect of mRNA says “I would never take current Vaccine with MRNA as one of its catalyst” and is warning people not to take the vaccine because of its inherent dangers. 


What do these three examples have to do with this Movement?  We are comparing these three examples with the Original Intent of our Constitution and our original Constitutional Government. The Founding Fathers built a free and mighty nation upon the foundation of a document they called “The Constitution for the United States of America.”

The original intents of the Founding Father are clear when you read the Constitution as well in their writings, but a group of Thieves found a way to manipulate our perceptions and go around our founding documents and steal away from us our lives, our Liberties, our happiness and our freedoms.  The details are in Scott Workman’s book “Map of Thieves”. 

For the purpose of this newsletter I’ll cite the most common of investigatory phrases “follow the money”.  Each and every Monopolist has its roots in our stolen government. The beautiful original documents that founded this nation are being manipulated and ignored.  Corporations have taken over most of the countries throughout the world.

One only needs to briefly examine Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the Federal Reserve to see the manipulation of our People and our country.  The history of the misuse of our Foundation, our Constitution, can be heard daily as we hear people say “we are a Democracy”…We are NOT a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic.  The use of the word Democracy is used repeatedly in our schools, popular shows and internet channels. It’s not correct and is summed up well in the following quote:

“Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99% vote.”

A majority rule or mob rule (pure democracy) is not a great way to govern, unless you are the dictator or the CORPORATION that controls the mob. It’s a difficult thing to convince many who have been conditioned their entire lifetime into believing we live in a “democracy,” but the reality is that the only thing that will save this country is the return to the original Constitutional Republic form of government. 

Here’s a quote from “A constitutional republic is a type of government in which there is democratic voting, but individual power is limited by the existence of a constitution that protects certain rights. In a constitutional republic, people elect representatives, and those people generally vote to make decisions or laws. The existence of a constitution makes it impossible for the representatives to create laws that violate people’s rights in certain areas. For example, there could be constitutional provisions protecting a person’s right to own property or to speak freely. The legislators would not be allowed to create laws that violate those provisions unless they changed the constitution, which usually is very difficult to do.”  [End Quote]

The current corporation that is masquerading as our government is “ruling” over us like a pure democracy and creating laws arbitrarily that violate our rights. They believe they have “all power” and issue unconstitutional mandates that violate the Constitution. The people that are elected sell their souls to this corporation and do its bidding. What’s worse is they control the mass media and declare “the majority” wants this or that and demand that everyone goes along with it. They act like the lambs in the midst of the mob – when in reality they are the wolves that want to devour and consume.

Many people do not realize they’ve lost their freedom and their liberty. But soon they will awaken to a sense of their awful situation. They will begin to understand that we can have our liberty restored and our once free country back. Not only back, but restored with a defense shield against any further usurpations or monopolists designs to destroy her. The roots of our foundation, our Constitutional Government and our free nation are still running deep within most of us.

The usurpation of power that belongs to the people by these thieves, liars and monopolists can be reversed and the Constitution that defines and states the intents of the Founding Fathers can be restored.  And this will happen at the Constitutional Convention & Court. The United States of America was built on the Constitution and it guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it protects the general welfare and ensures justice for all. A society that lives its high standards and values allows for the increase of all. This is the society that God wants for His children.

Today is the one year anniversary of the Declaration of Restoration (7-6-2021). We, here at Friends of the Original Constitution, are hard at work completing the foundation of the Constitutional Government in preparation for the Constitutional Convention & Court. If you haven’t already, please sign the Declaration of Restoration and tell everyone you know about this movement and encourage them to sign it.

God will grant us success.

Brad Erickson