June 1st 2022 Newsletter

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The Termite’s Grand Illusion

Hello Friends,

My journey of creating this movement, writing all of the information; the Declaration of Restoration, MAP OF THIEVES, THE TROJAN VIRUS, the Lawsuit, etc., began about 10 years ago because I was fed up with our corrupt “so-called government,” the mainstream media and the many groups and individuals that “talk, talk and talk about fixing the problem, but NEVER fix the problem.” In fact, the problem just keeps getting worse, more despotic and more tyrannical.

It’s good that there are individuals and groups that are trying to do something about the cesspool of corruption a.k.a “THE FEDERAL GOVT”. Many have good intentions. Many are trying hard to inform us of the truth but there are also many that are just operatives of the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT (THE FEDERAL GOVT) and are working to deceive us and distract us away from uncovering their agenda of evil.   

I won’t single out any individuals or their groups by name, but many of them, are 501(C3) or 501(C4) corporations.  So, let’s step back and think about this: these groups have gone to the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT seeking “permission” to obtain a “non profit” status to do business in THEIR system! They have essentially asked “THE FEDERAL GOVT” for permission to fix our huge problem = which is THE FEDERAL GOVT!”

 The “FEDERAL GOVT’s” entire MO (Mode of Operation) is maintaining the Grand Illusion that they are our government.  THEY ARE NOT OUR GOVT! They are a CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT. They are NOT the Constitutional Government that the Founding Fathers established in 1787!

Going to the cesspool of corruption ( the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT), for permission to do business, is the equivalent of going to the termites which have destroyed your home and obtaining a “permit” from them to fix your home.  This plan – to “Work with termites” to rebuild your home – does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being successful.   

Part of the Termite’s Grand Illusion is that on the one hand they “GRANT you a PERMIT” to do repairs – while with the other hand they continue destroying your home.  When a group seeks “permission” from the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT – they give away their authority and power to a fraudulent CORPORATION.  They are essentially consenting (signing up) to being “owned” and “controlled” by that CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT – which never had the authority in the first place –which now has the authority – because the group has obtained permission to give away their sovereign authority as a Citizen (or company) under the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Government. They have now given this fraudulent CORPORATION permission to control them.

Now, any actual attempts to reign in or fix the CORPORATION that “owns” and “controls” you is the equivalent of “biting the hand that feeds you.” That is why NO ORGANIZATION which is trying to fix our broken system within that broken system will ever succeed.  They will not let anyone succeed in fixing their system – within their system (in their CORPORATION). These “termites” and their collection agency (the IRS) can and will pull the “PERMIT” of anyone, at any time, getting anywhere close to fixing the problem = the termites.  That is why you see many patriotic groups being “cancelled” before they can come anywhere close to fixing the problem.

Why is Friends of the Original Constitution (FOTOC) different from these other groups?

FOTOC operates outside of the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT. We operate within the jurisdiction and authority of the true Constitutional Government, authorized by We the People, by our Signatures on the Declaration of Restoration.

I often receive emails or am asked in person the following kinds of questions: “Have you talked with so-and-so?” “Have you read about what this group is trying to do?” “You should join with “such-in-such” group – or you should work together with “this other group.” When I’m asked these kinds of questions, I suggest to them that they read our information, sign the Declaration of Restoration and join our group – because it is the ONLY plan and group/movement that WILL succeed.

We ARE the movement that is following in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers – under the authority of We the People. We WILL hold a Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C)! We WILL prosecute the criminals deceiving us with their Grand Illusion. We WILL be successful in restoring our Constitution and our Constitutional Government! We WILL remove these THIEVES and LIARS who have stolen our Constitution, our Constitutional Government, our money, our freedom and our Liberty!

It’s We the People – NOT They the Government! We are the true authority! We do not need permission from the CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT – for anything. Friends of the Original Constitution® is working hard right now to reach our end goal of holding a Constitutional Convention & Court; to restore our Constitution and our Constitutional Government – but we must first finish the laying of the foundation of our Constitutional Government.  We must have that solid foundation to enable all of us to escape from Babylon. We must be able to stand alone – together – on a firm independent foundation in order to carry forward with our lives – when we witness the collapse of that CORPORATION that is masquerading as our GOVT.

In the next few months you will see for yourself the solid foundation being completed. Remember “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself,” and here’s the truth: “Friends of the Original Constitution® is the interim Constitutional Government. Scott Workman is the Nonlawyer Representative of We the People in our $500 Trillion Lawsuit; he is the Organizer of and the Delegate Judge and General Council Chairman (“Chair”) for the Constitutional Convention & Court (CC&C); whose purpose is to prosecute the Defendants in our Lawsuit and to restore the Constitutional Government at the CC&C. All of this is authorized by We the People of the United States of America; by our signatures on the Declaration of Restoration.”


Stay faithful and united in this cause of Liberty and God will grant us Success!

Scott Workman