Around 8 million people die from Cancer every year. Approximately 2 million die from the AIDS virus every year. Approximately 9 Million die from addictions and a multitude of other diseases every year due to and caused directly or indirectly by the actions of the defendants: Allopathic Medicine (AMA, CDC, pharmaceutical companies and HEALTH DEPARTMENTS), Big Oil, Chemical Companies, and the Genetically Modified Organics Food industry, etc. They willfully conspire to suppress the truth (and destroy any competition to them) about the true cause of all diseases which is the overloading of the human body with unnatural and harmful elements that prevents the body’s immune system from doing its job – to cure us of all diseases.

The American Cancer Society (“ACS”) has a shared ownership of the patent on a major chemotherapy drug with a pharmaceutical company. Some of its Board Members have concurrently worked at Herbicide and fertilizer manufacturers (known carcinogens and cancer causing chemicals), cancer drug companies, and chemotherapy drug companies. They are known to collude and collaborate with the National Cancer Institute (“NCI”) and the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). In 1998 the American Cancer Society (“ACS”) was caught spending close to $1 Million on political lobbying, a violation of its legal status as a nonprofit charity. It has been found to spend only about 16 percent of its funds on cancer services, of which over 6% was spent on salaries and fringe benefits, while hoarding over $1 billion dollars in its cash reserves. They are profiting off of “disease exploitation” and “disease racketeering” in this perpetual cancer enterprise.

The ACS acts aggressively to prevent the investigation of alternative treatments. In their handbook “Reach to Recovery” they tell their volunteers to “always maintain a positive attitude toward conventional treatment methods,” while cautioning them not to “promote unconventional therapies.”

The FDA has been exposed repeatedly in conflicts of interest. Agency commissioners and officials have worked for or come from working for the industries they are supposed to regulate. They’ve been charged with corruption, bribery, harassment, ownership of stock in drug companies and going easy on drug companies – but persecuting and being extremely condemning of natural practitioners and their products. The FDA has not approved of one nontoxic natural remedy or patent from the naturopathic industry. They obstruct unconventional treatments from being tested.

The AMA, et al., have willfully destroyed their (Allopathic Medicine) competition and coerced, intimidated and bought influence of our congresses to enact laws that prohibit and abridge freedom of speech such as making it illegal to declare or claim that natural products cure, or that natural products are better than unnatural cures. They’ve had laws enacted in their favor to exclude their competition by making it “illegal” to prescribe, diagnose or cure anyone unless you have a medical license. They make it illegal to advertise or claim anything other than what is approved by allopathic medicine. This is conspiracy, fraud, legislated monopoly and restraint of trade enforced by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

In 1912, congress passed the “Sherley Amendment” that criminalized fraudulent and misleading claims of efficacy. In 1938 they required proof of safety and in 1962 added proof of efficacy. This is being used against the unconventional, the unorthodox natural medicine (naturopathic) industry and in favor of the monopolistic allopathic medicine industry. This and other laws are being misapplied and used to harass, suppress and convict the naturopathic industry and promote and perpetuate a monopoly (allopathic medicine) it’s practices, dogmas, products and services. These so-called acts, laws, codes, statutes, etc are in violation to the original Constitution in multiple ways and especially with regards to the preamble of the original Constitution which states that the Constitution was ordain to “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty.” These laws are in essence being applied against nature that God created. Its equivalent is saying that God’s nature does not know what she’s doing. It’s allowing the false pretense that something unnatural is better for the natural body than something that is natural. The misapplying of this law against natural medicine defies God and the nature that He created; it defies logic, defies reason and is therefore unjustifiable to continue to be enforced as it currently stands. This is legislated criminality and repugnant to liberty and to the original Constitution.

The misapplying of this law, the “Sherley Amendment” and others against truth, against God’s nature, against the rights and liberties set forth in the original Constitution constitutes willful criminal acts by the Defendants against the people including but not limited to fraud, collusion, aiding, abetting, conspiracy, and racketeering.

The Defendants have influenced lawmakers to enforce laws that put down, crush, suppress and destroy natural solutions, natural remedies, natural products and natural services. They have passed laws that only allow them to cure disease. They’ve conspired, colluded and collaborated with the FDA, the FTC, the AMA, the CDC, Big Pharma and others to have people put in prison, destroyed businesses and livelihoods and have had many people murdered to cover up their conspiracies, racketeering, exploitation and secret agendas for money and power.

The AMA has “pulled” or “revoked” the licenses of honest doctors and others in the allopathic industry who’ve tried to talk against or practice outside of the doctrines, dogmas or practices of allopathic medicine.

The AMA et al. have been convicted at least 3 times in the 20th Century for antitrust violations for conspiracy and restraint of trade and are continuing to and are aided and abetted by other defendants in this complaint to continue on in this behavior.

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has suspended Liberty without due process and has done it by false pretense. They imply their authority is granted them under the Constitution for the United States, but operate, function and enforce their authority with their Corporate Bylaws. This is fraud and treason. They have committed other acts of fraud to incite fear in the public, using the media and other forms of communication (wire fraud) in an intentional false pretense and artificially hyped-up “emergency” i.e.: pandemic, for a secret undisclosed scheme which is contrary to their stated intentions.