There is evidence that allopathic medicine and other defendants have created a vaccine containing a type of nano particles microchip. They have and are attempting to mandate this vaccine to everyone in the world in the name of “safety.” This is willful intent to defraud. This is willful intent to cause injury. This is willful intent to destroy liberty. This is willful intent to supersede the unalienable rights and Liberty that are guaranteed by the original Constitution. We intend to discover and expose the secret hidden agenda behind this plan and prosecute the Defendants accordingly.

There is evidence that the Defendants are hiding and or suppressing the health hazards of 5G in and of itself as well as the health hazards that vaccines compound inside of the human body when being subjected to 5G High Microwave Frequencies. There is evidence that there is a genocidal motivation behind injecting everyone on the planet with the COVID-19 vaccine including how 5G plays a role in this evil plan. All agendas by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the other Defendants will be exposed during discovery; and with the testimonies and evidences brought forth by Whistleblowers.

This entire so-called COVID-19 “pandemic,” the mandating, the quarantining, shut-downs, lock-downs, mask mandates, the threats, intimidations and enforcing of this “color of law” is repugnant to Liberty and all are violations of the original Constitution and the unalienable rights of ALL of the people; by the Defendants.

They, the Defendants, the Genetically Modified Organics (GMO) food industry et al., create seeds that are genetically modified to withstand glyphosate and other pesticides that are known carcinogens to the human body. Theses pesticides become systemic, meaning they become a part of the plant (cannot be washed off). These carcinogens (pesticides) are poisons and are harmful and toxic to the human body. They also have the potential to compromise or cause mutations to human DNA with the resulting effects of gender problems, reproductive problems, organ problems, psychological and a multitude of other physical problems.

They, the Defendants, the Genetically Modified Organics (GMO) food industry et al., knowingly know the following: Excerpts are from an article written by Melissa Diane Smith in the Natural Grocers October 2017 edition of good4u Health Hotline Magazine. [Quote] “Independent research is finding troubling links between glyphosate (an active ingredient in Monsanto’s (Bayer) weed killer Roundup –an herbicide) and a growing number of diseases, including cancer…Glyphosate herbicide isn’t just sprayed on crops – it is absorbed by plants and becomes systemic…FDA-registered laboratory food testing has found extremely high levels of glyphosate in some of America’s most iconic food products…In 2015, leading cancer experts from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the research arm of the World Health Organization, assessed evidence from human, animal, and cell studies and declared glyphosate a probable human carcinogen…In a 2014 study, scientists found that chronically ill humans had significantly higher glyphosate residues in urine than healthy humans. Researchers believe glyphosate may damage health in a number of ways. First it may act as a hormone, or endocrine disruptor, a chemical that interferes with the normal functioning of the endocrine system…Epidemiological studies have linked endocrine disruptors to reproductive changes, neuro-behavioral and neuro-developmental changes, metabolic syndrome, bone disorders, immune disorders and cancers in humans. Animal studies have also linked them to infertility, asthma, learning and behavioral problems, early puberty, obesity and Parkinson’s’ disease…tumors, reproductive problems, birth defects, and kidney and liver damage”. [End Quote]

They, the Defendants, the Genetically Modified Organics (GMO) food industry et al., knowingly know that people are ingesting harmful carcinogens when they eat GMO foods. They knowingly know that the genetically modified organisms that are consumed by people could result in hazards to their genes, DNA and their health and welfare. They, the Defendants, the Genetically Modified Organics (GMO) food industry et al., have threatened and intimidated Farmers and others to buy their seeds and their pesticides. They have initiated hundreds of lawsuits against farmers that would not comply with their demands, and have succeeded in destroying many of their livelihoods. This is conspiracy and restraint’s of trade aided and abetted by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

They, the Pharmaceutical Industry create patented synthetic drugs for profit. Drugs are concentrated derivatives of natural elements (such as oil)! They are unnatural! They are man-formulated chemical compounds. This is why they can be patented and sold for outrageous amounts of money. They are not balanced by nature – which is why they have side-effects. They and other Defendants are selling drugs to the public that they knowingly know are toxic to the human body and have mild to extreme side effects, even death as a result of ingesting or being injected with drugs. This is disease exploitation and disease racketeering, conspiracy, fraud and willful contributing to the injury and death of millions of people.

Quote from Shane Ellison M.Sc. (Former pharmaceutical chemist) Book: Health Myths Exposed: How Western Medicine Undermines Your Health. “In addition to hospitalizing 2.2 million people every year, and/or eliciting a lifetime of servitude, ADR’s (Adverse Drug Reactions) can also lead to death. In an attempt to calculate the number of deaths caused by ADR’s, we look to the most authoritative medical journal in the world, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Entitled ‘Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients’, this study was a meta-analysis of several studies over the last 32 years. This in-depth study concluded that there are an estimated 76,000-106,000 hospital deaths each year caused by ADR’s…this statistic alone ranks ADR’s somewhere between the fourth and sixth leading cause of deaths outside of the hospital. One hundred and six thousand deaths per year equates to one individual dying every five minutes from an “approved” drug. These deaths far outnumber those caused by auto accidents, AIDS, alcohol, illicit drug use, infectious diseases, diabetes, and murder combined. If this trend continues over the next ten years, FDA-approved drugs will kill an estimated one million people annually. End Quote. . This is disease exploitation and disease racketeering, conspiracy, fraud and willful contributing to the injury and death of millions of people.