Complaint Part E: Related to the conspiracy against the original Constitution ratified on May 29th 1790 and the Constitutional Government it created.

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have violated liberty and the original Constitution by legislating for and aiding and abetting several “Government sanctioned” “monopolies!” Including but not limited to and A.K.A: “AMA,” “CDC,” “Big Pharma,” “Big Oil,” “FEDERAL RESERVE BANK,” “GMO Industry,” “Big Chemical,” “Lobbyists,” “Subversive Foundations,” et al.

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT supplanted our original Constitution and our Liberty. They have conspired, designed and implemented a plan for a global monarchy, oligarchy or dictatorship with them at the controls, the head and or the leadership. This constitutes treason.

This conspiracy by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and other defendants has many names but the two most notable or identifiable are the “New World Order” and the “One World government”.

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and other defendants have conspired against freedom, liberty, the press, the truth, elections and our Constitutional Republic form of government.

They the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and other defendants participate in “Insider trading” and “profiteering” off of the inside knowledge they possess i.e.: the meetings, the timing, and implementation of “future” laws, bans, rules, policies, regulations, statutes, codes, etc. coming forth that will prosper themselves and their “donors” or that prosper off the adverse effects to their “donor’s” competition.

They the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT legalized bribery and redefined it; they call it “Lobbying.” Most everyone involved in “Lobbying” knows that it’s bribery – but because legislators of the past enacted a “law” that created a term known as “Lobbying” and legalized it –they are enabled to get away with it. This is fraud, deception and treason against the original Constitution and We the People that ordained it – thus making it essentially the legalized buying and selling of influence – or an auction of influence to the highest bidder.

They the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT conspired to create and maintain a two political party monopoly. This two political party monopoly – the Republican (GOP) and Democratic Party (DNC) have conspired against all other political parties. They conspire to rig and control the outcomes of elections by deceit, fraud, coercion, collusion and have passed laws, rules and other means to prevent other parties from winning elections.

They the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT passed laws that skirt around laws dictating how campaign contributions are used, by creating Leadership and other Political Action Committees (PAC), which can be (and are) used to allow money raised for election efforts to pay their friends and families handsomely for “related” jobs. These PACS are also used to raise outrageous amounts of money from corporations to effectively “buy” their candidate’s way into office. This is another way they’ve skirted around the definition of “bribery” and “racketeering” and “collusion” etc.

They the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT passed laws that call corporations “individuals” to skirt around the original Constitution.

They the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT suspended Liberty without due process as required by the original Constitution.

Knowing that they (the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, et al.) had to maintain the “appearance” of our original government, and could not initially get away with blatantly violating our rights or the original Constitution; spent the next 150 years slowly and gradually violating them and exercising more and more control. This constitutes fraud, conspiracy, treason and false pretense.

Friends of the Original Constitution has exposed the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT as a FOREIGN CORPORATION that is masquerading as our government. You can recognize this FOREIGN CORPORATION when you see these words “THE UNITED STATES” in “ALL CAPS.” All Corporations have “Bylaws,” only they refer to theirs as “laws, “codes,” “statutes,” “orders,” “mandates,” “rules,” “regulations,” etc. This is how they deceive us every day and keep up the “appearance” of a Constitutional government. Many people do not realize this because we’ve all grown up long after it was formed; it’s been implemented and built up over multiple generations. In plain sight, you can witness the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT violating Liberty, the original Constitution and the People’s unalienable rights that it was designed to guarantee. This so-called “Pandemic” is a prime example. The original Constitution prohibits any laws to be enacted that violate our Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom of Religion and our Liberty (Free Will or the Freedom to Choose for ourselves) and yet the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is violating our unalienable rights on a massive world-wide scale.