Specific Allegations and Causes of Action

Part A: Related to Health

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have violated liberty and the welfare of the people and the planet and the original Constitution by legislating for and aiding and abetting a “Government sanctioned” “monopoly!”

They, the American Medical Association (“AMA”) et al., is and has conspired with other defendants and used all means available to them, including but not limited to collusion, coercion, bribery, lobbying, extortion, conspiracy, fraud, false pretense and deception etc. to brand as “quacks” anyone not having “scientific” ie: Allopathic – training. They’ve banned Doctors from homeopathic case histories (suppression of truth) from its medical journals. They have forbidden medical doctors to consult with homeopaths, naturopaths etc. or from joining other medical associations.

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have established “Health Departments,” both nationally and in each of the 50 States (and territories) of the U.S.A. and have given exclusive authority to only one Trade Association – The American Medical Association (AMA) – to govern our entire Healthcare System. This constitutes aiding and abetting a Monopoly! This is supporting one Trade Association over all others! This is an immoral and contrary to the original Constitution. This is a legislated conspiracy against Liberty. Liberty is freedom of Choice. This is granting authority to one Trade organization to control all medical truth – this is dictatorship! This is a blatant violation of the original Constitution.

The Defendants have conspired against the Health of the We the People (at the very least and at the most the entire world) and conspired to keep natural cures from them, to the detriment of their health; resulting in millions of people every year losing their lives as a result! They’ve conspired against our planet’s health and conspired to keep alternative, inexpensive and pollution free fuels such as hydrogen from us; to the detriment of our environment as well as our personal health. They’ve conspired against the original Constitution by passing laws that violate our rights and are repugnant to liberty.

The Defendants have conflicts of interest and vested interests in profiting off of “disease exploitation” or “disease racketeering” by creating a problem (false pretense problem) then using campaigns (advertising, donation drives, rallies, etc.) of fear to extort an endless flow of dollars from an unsuspecting public. For example, members of the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention own over 20 vaccines patents and sells over 4.6 Billion dollars of vaccines every year. It’s been under at least four separate investigations by the U.S. Congress. It’s paid out over 4.6 Billion Dollars to those injured by vaccination. They openly admit that this number is only 1% of those who have actually been compensated, so the number is actually more like $460 Billion.

The Defendants are willfully defrauding the world by deception and by purposely omitting the truth about viruses which is: That amongst the 6 trillion cells inside of every human body – there are 30 trillion microbes/bacteria/viruses/etc! There are another 30 trillion microbes surrounding us each and every day! That our immune systems takes care of these 60 trillion microbes each and every day and that the only people that are dying from this Coronavirus (COVID-19) are the people that have severely compromised immune systems. They have turned what used to be called a “common cold/flu” into a pandemic for the fraudulent purposes of “disease exploitation” and “disease racketeering” for money and power.

The Defendants are willfully defrauding the world by deception and by purposely omitting the truth that allopathic medicine – which is unnatural and loaded with toxins – is the major contributing factor in the compromising of people’s immune systems! Toxic drugs, vaccines, and man-made unnatural chemical elements are overloading our bodies with toxins which compromise our body’s immune systems – many times to the point that the body’s immune system cannot take care of a simple virus. They are hyping up (into a pandemic) one (Coronavirus COVID-19) and new “variants” which are a few of trillions of “common viruses” (inside of us and surrounding us) and profiting off of this false pretense “disease exploitation” and “disease racketeering” by creating a false narrative so-called “pandemic” false pretense enterprise for money and power.

The Defendants are recommending measures that are compounding our toxicity such as wearing face masks. Face masks DO NOT prevent microbes (smaller than a cell) from getting into the body! They also cause the breathing in of our own Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which can cause hypercapnia which is carbon dioxide “toxicity,” thus causing us to be more toxic and more susceptible to disease.

The Defendant’s actions are causing fear and stress to millions, if not billions of people throughout the world. People’s personal economies, businesses losses and bankruptcy and the fear of death are causing the rates of suicide to rise over 3000% during this false pretense “pandemic.”