Jurisdiction and Venue

Jurisdiction and Venue: The Constitutional Convention & Court will be held in New Liberty, PC (People’s Capital), near Utah State (See PG 167 MAP OF THIEVES for details), in the Constitutional United States of America: Specific location and date to be announced.

We the People, collectively united in majority, hold all authority and jurisdiction in this country and we hereby consent to ordain to hold a Constitutional Convention & Court as set forth in the Declaration of Restoration contained in the book by Scott David Workman “Map of Thieves.” A copy of the Declaration of Restoration is listed below for your reference. We the People’s signatures on the Declaration of Restoration are the equivalent of a signature on this complaint and we hereby authorize all that is declared herein and all that is to be tried, prosecuted and judged at the Constitutional Convention & Court. Our testimonies, affidavits and evidence regarding the injuries we have suffered due to the actions of the defendants will be made available on our website The First Delegate as well as the delegates at this Constitutional Convention & Court have full jurisdiction to try, prosecute and judge all matters of this complaint. Reference: Article V of the Constitution for the United States of America.

To further solidify our intent to reclaim and retain our authority and jurisdiction, Friends of the Original Constitution and We the People of the United States of America hereby revoke our consent to be under the jurisdiction of and to be governed by the Defendant THE UNITED STATES, the legal fiction FOREIGN CORPORATION A.K.A . the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. We hereby revoke our signatures from any and ALL contracts with Defendant THE UNITED STATES, the legal fiction FOREIGN CORPORATION A.K.A . the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Any interactions with them and by us are intended “Without Prejudice” or a reservation of our rights with the intent to retain our authority and jurisdiction. “Revoking our signatures” means that all contracts that we have either knowingly or unknowingly entered into prior to this moment that bound us to their jurisdiction – we have now revoked any and all signatures to. “Without Prejudice” means that any interactions with the Defendant THE UNITED STATES, the legal fiction FEDERAL GOVERNMENT cannot contract us into any further contracts or jurisdiction without us knowingly understanding, agreeing or signing our signature thereto.

Due Process

It is universal that the laws of service of process must follow the laws that apply to the court that issues the process; therefore the following will govern the service of process hereby established for this lawsuit, Constitutional Convention & Court: Any form of mass communication including but not limited to the internet, email, blogs, platforms, news, media, television, radio, print, flyers, word of mouth, rallies, peaceable assemblies that broadcast this complaint will serve as the notification to the Defendants and will be the lawful means of issuance, delivery and acceptance of the service of process for the Constitutional Convention & Court, this complaint and lawsuit and all the proceedings there pertaining.