Part C: Related to Our Planet’s Health

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have violated liberty and the welfare of the people and the planet and the original Constitution by legislating for and aiding and abetting a “Government sanctioned” “monopoly!”

They, the defendants associated with the “Oil Industry”, we will refer to collectively as “Big Oil” and others, aided and abetted by THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have suppressed Big Oil’s competition. They have bought, buried and or suppressed new patents or new ideas that would compete against their business empire. They’ve “cornered” the energy market and have limited our energy choices. The people and our planet are suffering as a result due to being forced, because of lack of choices, to buy a product or service that is harmful to our health and our planet’s health. We are also being forced into paying for energy – when a different method could generate clean energy for free.

They’ve conspired against our planet’s health and conspired to keep alternative and inexpensive fuels such as hydrogen from us – to the detriment of our environment as well as our personal health.

They spill 1.3 million gallons of oil into our oceans on average every year. The Deepwater Horizon spill alone spilled 168 million gallons of oil into the ocean. The costs to our ocean’s health and all vegetation and ocean life are incalculable. The food supply that people ingest is tainted with this oil as well as other chemicals finding their way into our oceans and water supplies to their health detriment. The Big Oil industry knowingly knows their actions are contributing to the detriment of our planet and our individual health.

They have and are conspiring against anyone in the free energy and or alternative energy industries.

There is evidence that they, the Pentagon, either killed or had Stanley Meyer killed and covered it up. He was a man who invented and demonstrated a car that could run on water/electrolysis/hydrogen. He estimated only 22 gallons of water were required to drive his car from New York to Los Angeles.

There are many other examples of inventers who were either murdered and or their invention(s) were prevented and buried from the public’s view including Nikola Tesla’s World Power System that was prevented from being developed. Tesla’s invention would have provided the world with free energy by way of broadcasting electrical energy without wires.

Other Inventions and Inventors Suppressed including but not limited to:

  • Cold Fusion
  • Antigravity
  • The Electric Battery: From GM to Chevron to Oblivion
  • Maglev Trains
  • Pogue Carburetor
  • Mylow Magnet Motor reproduction of Howard Johnson‘s All
    Magnet Motor
  • Rick Friedrich
  • Paul Pantone
  • T. Henry Moray
  • Sun Energy
  • Robert Stirling
  • Dennis Lee
  • Thomas Engel
  • Daniel Dingel

The (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency actively works to suppress inventions. After thousands of tests performed by the EPA on inventions that would radically change our world for the better – not one has received the EPA’s vote of approval.

The (NSA) National Security Agency has threatened many of these inventors. Several have been put in prison and a few have been murdered.

The costs to our planet’s health are incalculable due to the racketeering, collusion and conspiracy acts against the world due to the actions of Big Oil and other conspirators, defendants and their lust for money. The burning of fossil fuels and the polluting of our air has caused and is causing severe health issue to people’s health as well as all life on this planet. Big Oil’s spilling and or dumping of oils and their bi-products are polluting our oceans and waterways, causing rippling effects that are also incalculable to our personal health, all water sustained life, both plant and aquatic life.

These actions by the Defendants listed in this “Part C Related to Our Planet’s Health” constitute injury to the health and well being of our planet and personal health, fraud, collusion, bribery, restraint of trade, monopoly and conspiracy against the Constitution for the United States of America and We the People.