The Defendants have fraudulently hyped up a “common flu virus” into a “plague” or “pandemic” with the intent of racketeering and ponzi schemes to directly bilk the public and to pay their investors from these public funds as well as from government/tax payer funds.

On, March 24th 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) issued a “Guidance” order to Hospitals and Doctors to list COVID-19 as a cause of death regardless of whether or not there’s actual testing to confirm that’s the case and Doctors are being paid for every cause of death they record as being related to COVID-19. This is a false pretense order that is willfully deceptive and is causing Doctors and Hospitals to aid the CDC to commit fraud. There are also other nefarious objectives including but not limited to racketeering, in this COVID 19 pandemic, to be uncovered and added after discovery is performed.

The Defendants have designed and engineered a “pandemic.” They’ve used money, influence; collusion and coercion to push lawmakers to pass laws that enforce and promote a trade association (American Medical Association/Allopathic) as the only government authorized system of heath care. They’ve deceived the public into believing distorted facts and false narratives thus endangering the entire world by promoting, promulgating and perpetuating their false narratives. They’ve coerced government officials and the mainstream media into enforcing, mandating and promoting this false narrative for their ulterior objectives and end goals. They’ve coerced government officials to limit or close businesses, schools and so-called “non-essential services,” as well as mandating “Face Masks,” “Social Distancing,” quarantining and testing services.

The Defendants have conspired against the entire natural health industry – to keep natural cures from us – to the detriment of our health – which has directly and indirectly caused the death of millions of people!

The Defendants have conspired to keep hidden the cause of all diseases. Their products and services are contributing to the creation, maintenance and perpetuation of all diseases. Their philosophies, practices, products, bi-products, services and dogmas are the highest factor in the cause of over 48 Million deaths on average in the world, every year. They conspire and work to suppress the true cure and best prevention of ALL diseases!

The Defendants have conspired to defraud an entire nation by collecting donations for research to discover cures for diseases – yet willfully act and continue to act against the disclosure or discovery of cures – which behavior is very well documented, including being convicted of conspiracy on many occasions.

The Defendants either don’t test natural products and services or they change or manipulate the testing protocols in various ways so that they are guaranteed to fail said tests. In other words they rig tests of natural products and or services to fail in order to defraud the public in order to discredit alternative approaches or the naturopathic industry in order to continue their racketeering and monolithic profiteering monopoly.

The Defendants have defrauded an entire nation (and World) by claiming that their research regarding the safety or efficaciousness of a product is based on “science” or “clinical studies” or “peer reviewed” and fail to disclose that all studies are done internally by allopathic investigators that work for them or externally subcontracted by them. The word that has become well known to typify this type of behavior is “biostitute.” Urban Dictionary definition of Biostitute: A biological science worker who misrepresents research or commits fraud for the benefit of commercial interests or to make a personal profit. To put it plainly- any study, research, or investigations are initiated and the favorable outcomes purchased and prearranged beforehand and guaranteed to be in favor of the commercial allopathic interest which constitutes willful intent to defraud, conspiracy and racketeering.

The Defendant’s actions are causing and have caused bad health, injury, disease, addiction, misery, suffering, attempted suicide, suicide and the death of millions of people and their loved ones.

The Defendant’s actions have caused the financial destruction of millions of people’s livelihoods in the wake of this so-called “pandemic,” and mandated quarantines, shut downs; lock downs and their fraudulent narratives! 70% of all bankruptcies are due to medical debt.

The Defendants either manufacture, distribute, sell or prescribe vaccines that contain Thimerosal (Mercury), the second most toxic substance to humans.

The Defendants either manufacture, distribute, sell or prescribe the new COVID-19 type of vaccines that contain Messenger RNA (mRNA) that directly or indirectly causes or induces (injection of a recipe) the modification of the recipient’s DNA. This is eugenics experimentation that is against the Nuremberg Code widely accepted by the world after World War II stating that voluntary consent is absolutely essential, and freedom of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.

The Defendants either manufacture, distribute, sell or prescribe unnatural synthetic “drugs,” that are full of toxins – hazards to the human body.