Part B: Related to our Monetary System

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have violated liberty and the welfare of the people and the planet and the original Constitution by legislating for and aiding and abetting a “Government sanctioned” “monopoly!”

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT passed the Act of 1871 which formed a foreign corporation called “THE UNITED STATES” and created a secret constitution for their corporation called the “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” The original constitution was written “The Constitution for the United states of America”. They supplanted our Constitutional Government for a CORPORATION which has been masquerading as our government ever since.

Over the next 42 years after 1871, they built up their secret “FEDERAL STATE of jurisdiction” or FOREIGN CORPORATION A.K.A THE UNITED STATES A.K.A. the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. They subjected us to their BYLAWS and system of CODES and statutes and in 1913 the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT “passed” the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, creating the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately owned/controlled bank). They, the UNITED STATES; the FOREIGN CORPORATION masquerading as our government had now “granted” full control of the entire monetary system to their co-conspirators i.e.: the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.

Then in 1933, THE UNITED STATES went “bankrupt” (although they don’t call it that). As the run on banks began (people rushing in to pull money out of their accounts before their bank failed), the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK stepped in to “help” the banks with the cash they needed to survive. For pennies on the dollar, they gained control of all the banks. And in exchange for “saving” everyone, all the Gold was confiscated, banks were shut down for 1 week, and each and every person now became the collateral of this gigantic debt. Money was no longer backed by gold or silver, but by a “promise to pay” perpetual “debt instrument” system; to pay back the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. This FEDERAL CORPORATION, co-conspirators of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, enslaved the people and their children into perpetual servitude, for the rest of their lives, working to pay back a debt that can never be paid back.

This system of “debt” and “discharge” is backed up only by “perceived value.” The value is that we will “Pay” (work) or “discharge” the debt we “owe” them! This “debt” or so-called “money” will never be able to be “paid” back to them because there’s nothing of “value” being exchanged. The “money” we currently use are just “debt discharging instruments” that don’t “pay for” anything – they only “discharge” the debts we owe. They make money (interest) on any bank loan or on any exchange of foreign currency. They’ve bilked everyone in the “FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM” since 1913 for trillions of dollars. This constitutes fraud and treason against We the People and the Constitution for the United States of America.

There is evidence that they have designs to implement a mandatory global digital currency, based on nano particles microchip (as listed earlier) that would create a higher level of monopoly and control the world has never seen.

The trillions of “dollars” they have stolen from the people are incalculable and they will bear the lion share of financial responsibility in this law suit.

The actions by the Defendants listed in this “Part B Related to our Monetary System” constitute treason, fraud, theft and conspiracy against the Constitution for the United States of America and We the People.