This Court orders that anyone, including but not limited to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT or any Defendant et al., and all others: friends, alliances to, or supporters of the Defendants in this lawsuit; who after this complaint has been commenced, who attempts to or actually suppresses, quashes, orders, legislates, etc., against the truth, We the People, this Court, this Lawsuit or the Constitutional Convention & Court or who continue on in any misbehavior, unconstitutional activities, conspiracies or fights to continue on the false pretense unconstitutional anti-liberty agenda of the FEDERAL CORPORATION A.K.A THE UNITED STATES A.K.A. the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, et al.; that enables and or supports the Defendants, will be added to the list of Defendants in this complaint and lawsuit; will be subject to all the consequences listed herein including but not limited to loss of employment, assets and possessions and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent by the Constitutional Convention & Court and will lose the ability to participate in the program/incentives as listed in the allocations breakdown section of this complaint.

This Court orders that all defendants are equally accused, complicit and liable in the overall aggregate complaint, however, some defendants may bear an unequal share of the final monetary penalties i.e.: The Federal Reserve Bank.


This Court orders the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and all defendants to produce the following documents for discovery and for investigation by We the People and the Constitutional Convention & Court: Copies must be sent by email in a preserved quality compressed and readable pdf file format to the email address listed on this Complaint and Lawsuit. All Documents must be received within 160 days of the commencement of this lawsuit: all documents must be unedited and unredacted; No Exceptions. Any attempts to claim exemptions or immunity or to invoke a FEDERAL LAW such as “Classified Documents Laws” or “Privacy Laws” are unlawful as declared by this Court. Such a defense or posturing is immediately dead on arrival (DOA), null and void and of non-effect since We the People have revoked your jurisdiction. You have no jurisdictional standing. You are under the jurisdiction of We the People, this interim Constitutional Government and Constitutional Convention & Court. None of your fraudulent FOREIGN CORPORATION laws, codes, statutes, mandates, executive orders, regulations, etc. have any effect.

This Court demands all of the case files and all documents related to the case files of the people who have been listed to have died from or died from the claimed complications due to the so-called COVID-19 “Virus.”

This Court demands all of the case files from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); from their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

This Court demands all internal meeting notes of all defendants including but not limited to transcripts, notes, mail, emails, texts, videos, classified documents, etc.

This Court demands all FEDERAL GOVERNMENT records, including any and all classified files, records, including but not limited to executive, legislative, judicial and agencies/bureaucracies transcripts, notes, mail, emails, texts, videos, classified documents, etc.

This Court orders the identification of all Monopolies at the CC&C and authorizes the delegates to vote on and determine whether they are to be broken up or their ownership to be split equally between each employee of the respective companies so determined by the CC&C. The company’s current Ownership/Controllership/Leadership (Defendants found guilty in this Lawsuit) will lose all their assets, to be confiscated by the CC&C. The new ownership (equal share employees) will have their incentive allocation(s) deposited into a general company fund (of their respective companies) which will fund the companies going forward.

Those companies to be broken up or their ownership to be distributed equally to the employees cannot ever be controlled by a previous controller or owner in any way, shape or form nor going forward can be controlled or owned by anyone seeking to monopolize industries either by ownership or by accumulating a controlling interest in the respective company or companies either directly or indirectly. Controlling interest in all identified monopolies will be impossible due to the limitations of either being broken up, or by being owned by employees that can only own one equal portion of ownership to the other employees of said companies.

Monopolies will not be tolerated! No circumvention of anti-monopolies laws will be tolerated. No legal fiction controllership will be tolerated! No loopholes with the intent of circumventing anti-monopoly laws will be tolerated or allowed in any way, shape or form.

All companies that have been identified as monopolies and have had their ownership split equally between each employee will be governed by a Council System as laid out in Scott David Workman’s book “MAP OF THIEVES” Chapter 7.

NOTE: Defendant Count: 140+ specifically named plus the Leadership of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (individuals to be named after discovery)

This Complaint and Lawsuit will be modified and updated without notification.

Dated this 6th Day of July 2021.

Scott David Workman: Founder, First Delegate, Organizer; Nonlawyer Representative
Representing the Plaintiffs Friends of the Original Constitution and
We the People of the United States of America