Part D – Related to Others (Including 5G Network)

They, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have violated liberty and the welfare of the people and the planet and the original Constitution by legislating for and aiding and abetting a “Government sanctioned” “monopoly!”

They, the defendants have knowledge that the 5G network they have and are building have and will cause severe detrimental health consequences to millions of people. They knowingly know that 5G is a high frequency that the military is and has used as a weapon. Many of them have openly admitted to this effect by their issuing statements such as the following by AT & T:

AT & T 2014 Annual Report:

“Unfavorable litigation or governmental investigation results could require us to pay significant amounts.”

They have knowledge that human beings are electromagnetic beings that respond to frequencies which cause chemical reactions in our bodies – either to our detriment or to our well being. 5G is a high frequency that can and has been used by our military as a weapon that can cause death or severe health problems.

They have knowledge that Vaccines contain toxins and heavy metals that respond adversely to 5G frequencies as well as graphene and other Nano technologies that can be used to manipulate DNA to cause behavioral changes and high fatality rates across the globe.

There are many other secret programs and obscure nefarious objectives that will be thoroughly discovered and exposed including but not limited to: High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the Chemtrail Poisoning Racket (Operation Cloverleaf), Microchip implants, Pedophilia Rings, Human and Sex Trafficking, Secret Government Technology, Hollywood conspiracies, CIA OPERATIONS, the Education Conspiracy, Laws Restricting Religion (IRS, Non Profit Requirements, National Council of Churches etc.), the NSA. All secrets, all hidden agendas, all secret alliances and objectives will be exposed and prosecuted.

These actions by the Defendants listed in this “Related to Others (Including 5G Network)” constitute injury to the health and well being of our planet and personal health, fraud, collusion, bribery, restraint of trade, monopoly and conspiracy against the Constitution for the United States of America and We the People.

Other Defendants listed herein this section, actions to be discovered and exposed, constitute kidnapping, rape, murder, abuse, slavery, child endangerment, conspiracy and other crimes against the unalienable rights of We the People.